The 83 Best Stocks to Trade Weekly Options

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About Don Kaufman: Don is one of the industry's leading financial strategists and educational authorities with 18 years of financial industry experience as a professional trader and, more importantly, a Professional Trading Educator.  Prior to co-founding the trading education firm TheoTrade, he started his career at thinkorswim® and then went on to TDAmeritrade, where he served as Chief Derivatives Instructor, thus solidifying his reputation as industry leader in retail options trading and investor education services.


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Using Weekly Options for Profit & Protection

Why Download the 83 Best Stocks for Weekly Options?

There are 877 stocks and ETFs that offer weekly options, but only 83 that you should trade

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    Your Portfolio Deserves More Than a 50/50 Chance

    It has been shown statistically, over the long run, that most traders lose money when only buying monthly options. Today there is more volume on weekly options than on the monthly options. Never before has there been a way to generate positive returns in the market using weekly options. Why flip a coin when you can use the 50 best stocks to trade weekly options on?

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    Diversification is Dead

    As a Wall Street saying goes, "When they raid the house they take everyone." Professionals consider diversification as a hedge for people who don’t know how to hedge. Think about it - would you protect the value of your own home against a potential fire by diversifying, that is, buying two houses so if one burns down, the appreciation in the other offsets your loss? Of course not! You insure your home so if it burns down, the insurance covers most of the loss. Welcome to using weekly options. Real professionals know how to use weekly options to protect their portfolio from weekly news events, earnings reports, or surprise upgrades and downgrades.

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    Be The House

    Today, investing in the stock market is a big gamble, almost like going to Vegas and playing the slots. And we all know what happens with slot machines. The House always wins. It may take a loss occasionally, but the overall strategy assures that the House will always come out on top. Weekly options let's you turn the tide and be the house every single week! Download the 50 best stocks to trade weekly options on so you can put the odds in your favor.