Market Sends Warning Sign to Us Today

The market sent a clear message to us today that risk still is present and volatility can spike without warning at any moment.  In tonight's video, Corey highlights this "warning sign" the market sent us and updates the successful positions in Gold, Treasuries, and Oil along with stocks.

Looking for Trades Beyond the Stock Market

Stocks continue to make new all time highs over and over again, but if you're frustrated with this skyward march, take a moment to make sure you're not missing easier opportunities outside the equity bull market.  In tonight's video, Corey highlights where we are in the market but also what opportunities are and have been…

Looking Inside the Biggest Stocks Driving this Market Higher

As Don's video highlighted last night, yet another day, yet another rally to new highs and today that was true once again.  In tonight's video, Corey takes it one step beyond the headlines and takes you inside the top stocks by market cap that are truly driving this market and highlights current and future opportunities…

Bulls Marching but What do we Do Now?

In tonight's video update, Corey again highlights the key stocks joining the market at yet another new high and highlights which "strong stocks are getting stronger" - but more importantly what to do with them.  He also checks up on broader money flow and trade idea updates in Bonds, Gold, Oil, and of course stocks.

What Risk-On/Risk-Off Money Flow Says about the Market

What's the message from broader movement in money flow? Risk On bullish? Risk Off defensive? Join Corey in tonight's video for the answers to these questions and specific updates on prior positions taken into profit targets from earlier trading strategies in Gold, Bonds, Crude Oil, and of course the stock market.

Your Plan for More New Highs and Stocks Leading the Way

While the S&P 500 fell just shy of a new all-time high, the tech-heavy NASDAQ did break to yet another new high with key tech stocks leading the way.  What's your game plan for this ongoing activity?  And more importantly, which strong stocks joined the market at new all time highs?  Join Corey for tonight's…

Surging Shares, Earnings, and Overnight Gaps - What to do now?

One day after Tesla (TSLA) rocked traders with a huge overnight gap-up on earnings, Amazon (AMZN) does the same with an even larger price gap to kick-off Friday's exciting trading session. Where does this leave us for strategies and what stocks are joining the market (and AMZN) breaking to new highs from our scan? Join…

Your Guide to Apple and Key Stock Earnings Today

Apple (AAPL) reported earnings after the bell, extending price to a new high for now. Other key stocks including AMD, Starbucks (SBUX), and LMT reported too.  What's happening after-hours and how will it play into Wednesday, which also happens to be a Fed Day?  Find out in tonight's video...

Focus on Financials and Stocks at New Highs

Earlier this week we highlighted technology stocks and major earnings.  With Intel (INTC) reporting tonight, we shift our focus to Financial stocks and the aftermath of this week's key earnings.  As a bonus, we also take a look at key uptrending stocks joining the market at yet another new high, especially in the technology sector…

Your Earnings and Expected Move Guide for the Week

Tonight we have big tech names Netflix (NFLX) and IBM reporting earnings and IBM currently is gapping up but there's more major names in play this week. What are we watching and what trades might be good set-ups based on expected moves?  Join Corey in tonight's earnings-based evening video.

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