These Stocks Are Getting Ready to Break Out Now

In tonight's video Corey walks you through a scan of the most compressed stocks in the S&P 500 and highlights how to trade a future breakout from the key support or resistance price levels along with how to set targets for any breakout trade.

Watch These Important Levels in Leading Financial Stocks

The constant battle between Financials and Tech stocks for market leadership continues with most financial stocks slipping lower today to key support levels. In tonight's video, Corey walks you through the broader XLF then pinpoints key levels in leading stocks such as WFT, JPM, GS, and V and ends with a comparison of what's happening…

Trade Update On These 3 Stocks

In tonight's video we discuss key support levels for /ES and /NQ in play as the market rallies up away from daily chart support targets.  We follow-up on bullish bounce trades discussed last week in AMZN, MSFT, and AAPL.  Note the key levels and adjust open trades accordingly this week.

Watch These All-Important Levels in Tech

With the /NQ falling from 7,700 to the 7,400 initial target, we update our plan for Friday into next week while discussing potential support plays in AMZN and MSFT against potential breakdowns in GOOGL and FB...

Watch This Strong Sector!

In tonight's video we chart some of the strongest uptrending stocks in the XRT retail sector and note current and future price levels and opportunities on any pullbacks from current highs...

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