Breakout Stocks Setting Up Right Now

Using a special stock scan of the SP500 stocks, Corey highlights the main candidates setting up for a near-term breakout on the daily chart.  This scan will allow you to play range expansion and volatility strategies such as In/Out Spreads or Vertical Spreads on future breakouts from low volatility events.  He even highlights why some…

What's Next for the VIX?

Is there a trade setting up in the VIX right now?  What's the near-term future for the VIX as the market stalls into resistance?  In tonight's video, Corey highlights the probable pathway for the VIX which corresponds with the /ES creeping higher through resistance.  Take a moment to review the updated key levels and potential…

Trading Stocks at new 52 Week Highs

With the SP500 stalling into resistance, where else can we look for lesser-known opportunities in the stock market?  Corey highlights 20 stocks in the SP500 making new 52 week highs and walks you through quick strategies to trade these candidates to add to your swing or intraday portfolio.

What Sectors are In Play Now?

In tonight's Video, Corey discusses the main nine sectors and highlights where money is flowing.  Is the message bullish or bearish?  Should we be defensive or aggressive?  Find out in tonight's video and also get an update on the key levels in the S&P 500 at a critical decision point right now.

New Trade Ideas for Tech Titans

In tonight's video, Corey walks you through the XLK financial ETF levels and then highlights main resistance points with expectations and potential option or swing trade ideas for "titans of tech" stocks including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix and others.  Are you ready to trade the next departure from these key levels?  Find out the plan…

What Levels To Watch in February

With earnings rapidly moving markets, we have to keep up just as quickly.  In tonight's video, Corey takes a bigger-picture perspective of where we are on the key stock market indexes including the /ES and /NQ and then plots pathways for the rest of February.  Will we fall from resistance targets achieved today as logic…

What to Watch Now After AMZN Earnings Tech Giant Amazon (AMZN) reported earnings today and the stock was... unchanged.  We'll be watching post-market and pre-market price activity for clues about the next swing as we continue to chart Facebook's breakout and prepare for Google's (GOOGL) earnings early next week. 

What New Levels We're Watching

With Apple (AAPL), AMD, ALGN, and other major companies reporting, what levels are important for the market now?  Corey takes a look at after-market earnings for today and walks you through updated levels for the daily charts of these stocks along with the /ES and /NQ new targets.

More Earnings in Motion - What's Next for Key Stocks?

  Major stocks continue to report earnings and this continues to give us opportunities and risk each day.  In tonight's video, Corey walks you through broad market analysis and pinpoints four key companies reporting earnings tomorrow and what the expected movement is for these companies including the big one - Intel (INTC)

Earnings Drop in NFLX and AXP. What's next?

Netflix (NFLX) and American Express (AXP) shares tumbled lower after both companies reported earnings.  However, both companies' stock pushed all the way to the earnings-based expected move.  What's the play from here and how does it factor into the higher frame daily chart?  Corey updates the results and new levels in tonight's video...