Earnings Drop in NFLX and AXP. What's next?

Netflix (NFLX) and American Express (AXP) shares tumbled lower after both companies reported earnings.  However, both companies' stock pushed all the way to the earnings-based expected move.  What's the play from here and how does it factor into the higher frame daily chart?  Corey updates the results and new levels in tonight's video...

Financials, XLF, and Earnings. What's Next?

With leading financial stocks JP Morgan (JPM) and Wells Fargo reporting today, we turn our focus to Goldman Sachs (GS), Bank of America (BAC) and others for what to expect next and how we might play them.  Corey updates the key levels to watch, expectations, open trade management levels, and provides general guidance on the…

Here's What To Expect Next

Will stocks retrace next week as logic suggests?  And with it will Oil fall and bonds rally?  Corey takes a quick look at the four main markets including /ES futures, Gold, Crude Oil, and the US Treasury Note for what to expect next week and what levels serve as good pivot points and possible targets…

New Level Plan for Stocks and Tech

With price fully achieving our prior bounce/rally targets, we update the simple action plan and note how to position short-term stock opportunities (XLK, MSFT, FB, AMZN, AAPL and others) into a sell-swing or continuation of the rally from these targets as we continue trading this week.

Is the Rally Over?

Is the rally over?  That's the plan in tonight's video as Corey discusses the recent bear-trend rally into targets and the resilient strength and new highs in Gold and especially Bonds.  Watch current levels and adjust open positions to the new movement in money flow today.

How Far will the Bounce Go?

A rally in in play but how far will it go?  Corey discusses simple targets to play for on all four equity indexes and leading tech stocks and provides a framework you can use to analyze any potential swing or intraday trade strategy on the current bounce.  While it won't last forever, it likely lasts…

Tech Stocks at Support - What's Next?

With the sell-off in the stock market, leading tech stocks all achieved key support targets and most of them did so today.  What are these levels, how far out can we sell premium if these levels hold, and what is the specific plan for additional selling pressure that triggers beneath these targets?  Corey covers it…

Planning for the Fed Decision

"Will they or won't they raise rates Wednesday?" That's the main question in tonight's video with a specific focus on both scenarios and how that will affect both the stock and bond markets. What levels are in play with either decision? While we expect a rate hike tomorrow, we're certainly prepared for the alternate surprise…

Will the Market Bounce Through December?

In tonight's video, Corey highlights the pathway and probabilities for a bounce for the final weeks of December and the key levels from which it can happen.  What are the targets and what is the plan for a bounce and for an alternate thesis breakdown?  It's in tonight's video.

XLF Hits 52 Week Low - Market Next?

Many leading financial companies such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America plunged to new 52 week lows recently.  What does it mean and is there a fade trade (bounce) setting up here?  Corey discusses this and the updated levels in the XLF in tonight's video.