Where the Market is Headed Next

Are the markets likely to make a new 2018 high or low or stay within those boundaries for the rest of December?  Current Implied Volatility has a clear answer and Corey shows you the Probability of Expiring Cone updated charts for the S&P 500 along with leading tech stocks AMZN, AAPL, GOOGL, NFLX, and how…

What Bonds Say About The Stock Market Selloff

Bond prices surged and Treasury yields fell sharply today while stock prices collapsed from resistance targets.  What does this suggest about the future of the stock market and what updated levels should we be using for our trades?  Corey discusses this and more in tonight's video featuring /ES, /ZB, /ZN, TLT, and IEF.

Tech Swing Targets Achieved! What's the Next Play?

Leading technology companies such as Apple, GOOGL, Netflix, and Amazon achieved short-term bounce-profit targets for swing traders on the daily chart.  What's next as price trades into these specific daily chart target levels?  Corey highlights key developments in tonight's video

The Key Levels to Trade Right Now

We're into a critical price level and what happens here determines whether or not we'll trade bullishly or bearishly for the rest of the week.  In tonight's video, Corey walks you through the reasons why 2,680 is our key short-term planning level in the /ES and then what two targets we'll be targeting for the…

Holiday Week Key Levels and Volatility Update

In tonight's video, Corey updates you on the key SP500 and NASDAQ daily chart levels to watch for any bounce or breakdown for the holiday week and beyond. Then, using these levels as focal points, he discusses likely bounce or potential additional breakdown targets beneath current support zones for short term traders to target.

Levels and Trades for Gold and Oil Now

With Crude achieving a key weekly chart level, what's the next play and additional levels for short term intraday and swing trades?  Corey discusses Crude Oil along with levels and opportunities for short term traders in Gold.

Focus on the Financials

What's in store for Financials and the XLF for this week? In tonight's video, Corey discusses the key support level and targets for short-term trades in both the XLF with the SP500 and selected leading financial companies including Goldman Sachs (GS), JP Morgan (JPM), Morgan Stanley, Microsoft (MSFT) and others.

What's Next after our News Heavy Week

We're on the other side of earnings from major tech companies, GDP, the monthly Jobs Report, the 2018 Midterm Election, and now the November Fed Day.  What levels are important for the market, what's the dominant and alternate thesis, and what are we expecting for key stocks such as AAPL, AMZN, MSFT, NFLX, and GOOGL? …

How to Trade Election Night and Beyond

"It's election night!  In tonight's video, Corey walks us through key levels, expectations, game plans and compares current opportunities for tonight and tomorrow's session.  In addition, he takes a moment to walk us through the overnight and next day's activity from both the 2014 Midterm and the 2016 Presidential Election for guidance.

Are You Prepared For Friday After AAPL Earnings?

Friday's session gives us aftermarket reactions for major stocks including Apple (AAPL) along with the Monthly Jobs Report. Corey reviews key stocks you may be able to trade on earnings and expected move along with levels to watch for Friday's session.