How Fragile Are these Markets?

Risks are mounting of a global slowdown and central banks are stepping in... what are the implications to the future of markets but more importantly how can we turn these risks into trade opportunities? Don goes deep into risk/reward and why these markets have become so opportunistic.

These Commodities Are On the Move

With the Fed inching closer to lowering rates later in July, main commodities such as Oil and Gold along with Treasuries and stocks are on the move. In tonight's video, Corey updates you on key levels and price movement occurring as money flows and positions in these markets - and what opportunities are there for…

This Sector Saw Big Selling and Here is Why it Matters

Stocks suffer a minor selloff from all time highs today as earnings season kicks off with NFLX being a key sign of economic growth. The transports saw selling today. Watch this crucial video newsletter to find out why it matters where the opportunity is...

Check out these Major Earnings Plays

We saw leading financial stocks including Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs report earnings today. Which key stocks are we watching and ready to trade for Wednesday into Thursday? Corey covers key levels, option expected moves, and opportunities for your intraday and swing trading tactics for Netflix and other major stocks in tonight's video.

A Pairs Trade Emerges in these Major Indices

A light trading session today marks the start of earnings season though we have expectations of market Volatility picking back up as earnings go full swing. Several major banks will announcement this week but what has us entertained will be NFLX and MSFT later in the week. Finally, we will look in detail at a…

A Market of Bond Shocks and Gamma Squeezes

Markets closed this week at all time highs and Gamma is driving them higher; Don will show you precisely how this dynamic drives buying. We will also take a look at why bonds markets are ahead of the curve but dicey trade is highly likely in the days and weeks that follow. After all, we…

Bond Auction Ignites Volatility

There was a 30 year bond auction today that tanked the bond market by more than a full point. This sent interest rates up and interest rate sensitive stocks like big tech lower. Financials went higher with the increase in interest rates. However, is this the first sign the bond market can no longer absorb…

These Key Stocks Join the Market at All Time Highs

Both the S&P 500 and NASDAQ broke to fresh new 2019 highs today.  Which familiar stocks joined them?  In tonight's video, Corey highlights how you can scan for these strongly trending stocks and what simple trading strategy may work best for these stocks in strong trends.

Your Trading Plan for Key Bank Stocks Right Now

Like Technology stocks, key financials stocks including Goldman Sachs (GS) and Bank of America (BAC) are into overhead price resistance.  In tonight's video, Corey compares leading financial stocks and highlights potential short-term trade ideas and price pathways for the near-term future.  We'll be watching these levels closely over the next few weeks.

Get Ready for Negative Interest Rate Policy

Christine Lagarde has been tapped to lead the European Central Bank come the Fall and there is little question as to her intent regarding the future of interest rates. What might negative rates mean for the financial stocks and more importantly how can you trade this opportunity?

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