The TheoTrade Team

Don Kaufman - Co-Founder, Chief Derivatives Instructor - Stocks, Options, Futures

Don is one of the industry's leading financial strategists and educational authorities. With more than 17 years of financial industry experience, Mr. Kaufman oversees TheoTrade’s firm wide strategy and deployment initiatives, while designing and executing upon innovative content in the financial education space.

Prior to TheoTrade, Mr. Kaufman spent 6 years at TD Ameritrade as Director of the Trader Group. At TD Ameritrade Mr. Kaufman handled thinkorswim content and client education which included the design, build, and execution of what has become the industry standard in financial education.

He started his career at thinkorswim in 2000 (acquired by TD Ameritrade in 2009), where he served as chief derivatives instructor, helping the firm progress into the industry leader in retail options trading and investor education services.

Don is overseeing the robust, full curriculum offered by TheoTrade.

Teaching Specialties:

  • Equities
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Currencies
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Modeling
  • Technical Analysis
  • Volatility and Derivative Pricing
  • Market Making

Doc Severson - Instructor & Professional Trader - Stocks, Options, Trading Mindset

Doc Severson has been actively trading the US Stock, Futures, and Options markets since the mid-90's and his specialty is trading the US Equity Options market. With a background in engineering Doc is able to break down complex market ideas into an easily digestible format.

For the past ten years Doc has provided daily insights and market analysis via market newsletters, as well as helping students learn the complexities and edges of the options markets through live training and courses.

Doc can be found at daily in TheoChat® and twice per week in TheoNight® providing market insights and trade ideas.

Doc's TheoTrade coaching sessions include:

  • Mindset Monday
  • Technical Tuesday
  • Workplace Wednesday
  • Theta Thursday
  • Fractal Friday
  • Studies
  • And specialty Coaching Sessions

Professor Jeff Bierman, CMT - Instructor &  Professional Trader - Technical & Fundamental Analysis

Professor Jeffrey Bierman is one of the industry's leading technical analysts with more than 24 years of experience under his belt.

Jeff started his career as a NASDAQ market maker assistant, and shortly thereafter decided to make the jump to running his own hedge fund which he successfully managed for nearly 10 years.

Jeff has worked in a variety of roles within the securities industry including portfolio manager, buy-side analyst, sell-side analyst, market technician and sales trader.

Jeff is a prolific writer and has been published and quoted in a number of business media outlets including Kiplinger's Personal Finance,, and BusinessWeek.  He was also named by Bull & Bear Report as one of its top stock-pickers for 1999 and 2000.

Prior to joining TheoTrade, Mr Bierman spent 8 years at TD Ameritrade serving as the company's Chief Market Technician, working along side Don Kaufman in the Trader Group.

At TD Ameritrade Jeff was employed in a myriad of capacities including building educational content, teaching technical and fundamental trading strategies, and assisting in the development and design of thinkorswim's charting packages which are considered the gold standard in the brokerage industry.

Jeff was recently added to both Loyola University of Chicago and DePaul University business school programs as an adjunct professor.

Jeff earned his Bachelor of Arts degree at University of California at Berkeley where he majored in English Literature and Sociology.  Jeff earned his Masters of Business Administration at University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business with an emphasis in Finance.


  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Quantitative Modeling
  • Equity Valuation Techniques
  • Candlestick Charting
  • Momentum Trading Strategies
  • Contrarian Trading Strategies
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Sector Rotation Analysis
  • Cycle Wave Theories

Tony Rago - Instructor & Professional Trader, E-mini NASDAQ Futures

Tony has been trading since the mid-90s and has narrowed his trading skills to focus on the specialization of NASDAQ Futures.

At TheoTrade, Tony provides our members day trading content specific to the NQ in the chat room. He provides TheoTrade members with actionable ideas, both long and short, as well as on-going education to help members with their trading objectives regarding futures.

Tony can be found at daily in our TheoChat® Room.

Jeff Roth - Co-Founder,   Chief Operations Officer, Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff studied at Seton Hall University where he graduated with honors with a degree in Economics and a concentration in monetary policy. Trading runs in the family. Jeff’s stepfather was an independent floor trader on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, CBOE, for 17 years. Jeff was hooked on the markets from an early age studying charts and helping his stepfather trade. When he saved up enough money to trade he made his first trade when he was 18.

Prior to co-founding TheoTrade, Mr. Roth spent 4 and half years in the financial industry as Chief Marketing Officer. Mr. Roth was instrumental in the strategy and execution in helping the prior company reach #21 on the Inc. 500 list.


  • Lead generation, customer nurture cycle, membership retention
  • Indirect and direct monetization of content
  • Full cycle digital sales funnel strategy and buildout
  • Google Adwords Certified, Google Analytics Certified
  • Multiple Digital Marketing Certifications
  • Social Media Strategic Directives
  • Media Buys
  • E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Stacie R. Cole - Director of Operations, Director of Digital Marketing & Content Strategist

Stacie earned her Masters degree in the Entertainment Business from Full Sail University, graduating with Valedictorian honors and two Course Director's Awards (Product  & Artist Management; Negotiation & Deal-Making). She also has a BSBA in Business from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Prior to joining Theotrade, Ms. Cole has over 20 years of professional, executive level business acumen and experience over a wide breadth of operations for her clients including: digital product strategy development and implementation, complete life cycle digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, copywriting (SEO and Emotive), live event management, production, and coordination, public relations management, managing/training entire customer service departments (Corporate Trainer), team building, recruiting and interviewing candidates (Executive Recruiter), organizational development and company structure buildout, and sales/business development.

With TheoTrade from Day 1, Stacie designed, structured and built the entire TheoTrade website, both the public and the membership sides -- with the goals of being elegant, extremely user-friendly, mobile responsive, optimized for search engines, easy to navigate, and able to adequately house the immense and ever-expanding digital library and curriculum of content that TheoTrade provides.

She holds multiple business-related certifications including: Storynomics (Story in Business), several Digital Marketing certifications, and the John C. Maxwell Leadership Certification.


  • Internet Reputation Management
  • Public Relations Management
  • Digital Asset / Content Strategist
  • Website Design/Buildout (online course structure & buildout)
  • Copywriting (email marketing, sales pages)
  • Documentation/Process Development
  • Social Media Strategist

Steve "Slim" Miller - Instructor & Professional Trader Stocks, Options, Futures

Steve Miller, aka, Slim, has spent the past 42 years trading stocks, options, futures on and off the trading floor. His nickname, "Slim," came from his trading floor badge, SLM. Currently, he still trades actively, providing daily analysis and commentary on the financial markets, a unique charting service, based on cycle analysis and coaching/consulting for hedge funds and individual self-directed traders/investors.

Throughout his long career, Slim has studied technical analysis of the financial markets, emphasizing cycle studies for a short-term swing trading style.

Active in personal growth work the past 22 years, he has coached many men and groups, integrating personal healing and leadership.

Combining many years of financial market experience and facilitation training, Steve brings a rare combination of trading knowledge and understanding of the psychological barriers to trading/investing success.

You can find Steve on TheoTrade delivering the following reports to TheoTrade members:

FutureSpeak: Weekly on Wednesday; analysis of six segments of the futures markets, 24 contracts (48 weeks a year)

Stock Sectors: Cycle analysis of 1-3 stock groups with actionable information (3-5 times a month)

Tools for Techs: Information and illustration on the use of many studies on the TOS platform and much more

Trader Psychology: Important discussion of personal issues that may bring roadblocks to success (1-2 times a month)

Big Picture Analysis: Long-term perspectives and analysis of major markets

Style, Strategy & Plan: Many topics on traders’ approach to the markets

IRA MO: Approach and trading ideas suitable for IRAs

Market Week: Fridays 48 weeks a year (We take off one week a quarter).