TheoTrade Testimonials

Hello! First of all, I wanted to thank you all for the great work you do. I am ever so glad I found THEO TRADE!!! Even though I am still struggling with my results, I finally feel I am on the right way to becoming a profitable trader!

I also wanted to let you know I am especially happy and thankful because today , watching Doc's Replay (unfortunatelly couldn't attend live), I saw what you are planning on doing with the "In Out" class first and many others in the future, and it sounds great! I know you guys are putting a lot of effort in teaching us, and just wanted to make sure to let you know I (and I am sure many others) appreciate it...thanks again!

thank you all for the great work you do. Take care all and see you soon in the chat room!

Rubén L

Hey Don,
I just want to let you know your teaching of options and trade logic make so much sense to me, I've been a student of the market for a while now, purchased training products from other traders and training institutions but i must admit "You really hit it outta the ball Park bro" the way you strategize your trade and the ideas behind them it's fabulous. I bought the options 101,102 and vertical spreads and I also get the daily market update from Theotrade.  I wish I'd found you guys soon my training would have been easily... looking for purchasing more classes in the future. You're great a teacher! "time out here for one second" LOL

Thank you


I’ve been trading with you for a week and a half and was in webinar Saturday.

I’ve made profit every day but the first day (because I didn’t know your trading plan.

That’s six winning days in a row.

I’ve been trying to learn how to trade futures for a year and a half and never had any success.

I have used many indicators and hopped from room to room. This is the first time I think I get it.

I doubt I could do it on my own yet but I’m going to stay with this.

I like seeing the price action and prefer it over watching indicators.

Thank you very much!

Mark S

Hey awesome TheoTrade Peeps!

First, please let me tell you how much I have enjoyed TheoTrade. I started with the In Out Spread Class and recently purchased the Butterfly Class. Come the first of next month I will likely purchase TotalTheo because I value (and enjoy) your content so much. As I told Jeff in an earlier email, I am pacing myself. Lol. Not to mention the fact that you fine folks also scored me a sweet commission deal with TD Ameritrade. Kudos and bravo!

Thanks a million!

Yet another satisfied customer,

Kevin M

Hi Jeff (Bierman), I just went through your class last night that I purchased a while ago. The class, "Technical Analysis 101", was simply amazing! I wished I would have had access to years ago, it would have been helpful in sorting out my brain, styles and trading plan.

As it is, I've been trading for about 10 years, and I'll be re-working and getting much more specific about my trading plan.

I've enjoyed all the programs that I've purchased there and find your firm offers an incredible value. The is the first class that I've attended that you constructed and presented. I can feel the passion come through, bravo!

The class was exceptional, thank you!!!

Will C

Dear Don,

I have been meaning to write this letter to you and could not wait any longer.

Maybe the reason I was interested in your presentations is because I am a retired Electrical/Scientist Engineer, smile.

Since I was familiar with your style, I finally decided to become a member to TheoTrade. At this time, I am thoroughly impressed with your business plan, i.e., hiring the most interesting and excellent instructors, Tony, Jeff, Doc, and Slim. I have learned a lot from all of the instructors and they teach in a clear and simple methodology as well as yourself.

I learned Tony's method trading NQ and I was able to use additional indicators that I was able to program myself to fit my style, and have successfully accomplished profitable trades. Also, I have applied the principles that I learned from you, Doc, Jeff, and Slim.

I feel like I am getting a free education form Professor Jeff.

You have provided a very diversified instructors that are excellent teachers explaining their expertise (of course, it also includes Don Kaufman).

I would like to thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and experiences from all of you at TheoTrade.

P.S. At the end of the day, I take my iPAD to bed and watch the lessons from past presentations. I do this every day.

Take care Don and God bless You and your family.


First of all I would like to thank you so much for all of the information, tutorials, videos etc with our membership.  My wonderful experience to date started with Stacie when I first called in about the TotalTheo membership in February of this year.  I am on information overload now trying to digest everything.

I started learning about options over a year ago and like most others I purchased and subscribed to a service only to see my account disappear.  It was time for me to learn and do it myself and that is when I came across your team. I have no reason to not be a member for life as this all makes sense to me and the education is second to none.

Jason R

For Bierman:

Jeff, loved the session on the RSI today.  I learn alot from your sessions. (And Don's, Tony's, Doc's, & Slim's)

Also the technology Theotrade set up for archiving is superb to anything I've experienced.  But I guess that I shouldn't be surprised with guys that came from TOS!.

I'm sitting here listening again, because as you know it was a fun day and while I caught most of it, there were a couple of pieces that I wanted to review.  The archiving technology makes it easy to not stress about missing something!!

Great job, it really makes the day alot more fun & productive to be able to tune in and listen to market professionals while trading!  After all, I can only listen to Elvis so much!!

Thanks again, love the service!

Will C

A few months ago I scoured the internet in search of any option trading information on TOS. That's when I came across Don Kaufman explaining the Analyze tab for TOS. It was MINDBLOWING! Not only was it full of tons of useful information but Don can make a somewhat mundane topic extremely lively and humorous. I probably learned more from that one video than the 20 videos I watched before. I was hooked and began googling Don Kaufman's name. This is when I came across Theo Trade! I purchased the class on Intraday Strategies and I instantly made back the cost of the course within two small option trades on SPY using trade logic. Now I'm watching the Bonus Classes. Long live Theo Trade!!!

Thanks! your Canadian pupil,
Cal B

Don I've been wanting to learn more options strategies.  For this reason and my knowledge of you inspires me to connect and learn from you.  I wish you were in this position with TheoTrade in 2010-2011 when I never too late and I am always learning.

Thank you, Don for your availability to enlighten those like myself in this field of options.

Personally, I enjoy listening not only what you instruct and produce in education, but your character is genuine and I find that personal authentic and not just someone like robotic or trying to empress.  You're not afraid to be Don.:)

Anyways, thanks so much for what you do.God Bless!

Jovi P