TheoTrade Testimonials

Just a word of appreciation and thanks. I am a member of Theotrade. Thankfully you are experts with thinkorswim and teach everything using it, since I have been with it since before TDAmeritrade took over. I have been trading for years and have spent a lot of money on courses, many of which did not enhance my bottom line at all and all were too expensive. The indicator sales prices are gigantic out there. Your courses and daily briefings are consistently good, helpful and are adding to my bottom line. Your indicators are free! Belonging to Theotrade is the most cost-effective package I have ever experienced in trading services. I wish you had opened up years ago. Keep it up!

Ralph S. Smith, Jr., MD, MBA

I am new to TheoTrade.

I want to let you know that I am very pleased with TheoTrade and how much I appreciate your efforts to help "Johnnies" like me.

I have just completed your Essential Skills presentation. By viewing the recording I can pause and take notes and ask myself questions along the way. I have learned so much that I am grinning like a Cheshire cat. 🙂

After taking a number of classes at (another company) I find the cost/benefit to be low.

I find myself being drawn to your mathematical way of looking at the market.
I look forward to availing myself of this great learning opportunity.

Thank you.

Howard W

Hey Don,

We’ve been listening to Theotrade since day 1. We’ve learned a lot, including a lot about some things that we should not be doing with respect to trade size and capital allocation, risk, etc. My wife and I are a couple of the Tucson folks that you’ve been corresponding with Dale Dillon Lips about recently.

We had a trade that needed to be rolled this week—APR2 2040 call spreads out to Apr4. Yes, I know now that we are a bit outside of the trade window. It’s also a larger number of contracts than we now know we ought to be trading and to roll yesterday would have been quite expensive. So we decided to wait until this morning—can’t even see the trade window from here.

When the market opened down, I did some one contract closing orders to test the actual price. It was 50 cents. To be honest I was practically ready to go for it, and make some or all of it up selling matching puts. Yes, we are typically Iron Condor people. Was listening to your session (as was Dale by the way) and heard your commentary about the direction the market seemed to be taking. Based on that, and what Ive learned from you to watch in the market, such as bonds and the big techs, I decided to wait.

Ultimately I bought the contracts back for 30 cents in stead of 50 cents. I figured I saved enough in premium to pay for my Theotrade membership for the next 6.25 years.

Just thought you might want to know. And yes, as soon as we shake this one trade, we have a lot of amendments to make to our trading plan.

Gary H.

Hi Don.

I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for the tremendous job you are doing with TheoTrade. This is my seventh year of full time trading (the first 6 being very expensive in terms of market tuition), and I can say for the first time that I’m really having a good time (thanks to your sense of humor which I appreciate); and my improving understanding of markets, trading, and risk are finally starting to come together.

Over six years ago I started learning options from a guy that I now see is very much a gambler. He employed the Martingale System with impunity. With my starting with good sized seven digit accounts, you can only imagine the trouble that I got myself into. I have some positions that I’m in pretty deep and it will take a lot of time, work, and some luck (go oil) to get out of. Not complaining because I know it will work out over time, and more importantly, these are things I will not do again, thanks to you.

You can trust that I am in chat every day, and trying to take in everything that you discuss.

Dr. Jim B.

We are finally really learning how to trade.

We had taken "early outs" at the early age of 52. Then put IRA and retirement roll outs with a local Boulder,CO group called AGILE. They did very well for a while by moving in and out of mutal funds. When that got difficult they altered strategy to invest in "50 different " hedge funds and manage those. Well two of those were oversize positions and those two put funds into MADOFF's funds. Well when the market went down in 2008 the major scam became know. Since we were "indirect" investors, the New York lawyers said the clawbacks and distributions did not apply to us. Some other lawsuits and distributions since then have resulted in about 25% of our initial one mil.

As a result we have made the firm commitment to do much more on our own. We have tried various ways of learning to trade options since we could do more with less capital. Most efforts have led to small losses until you invited us to THEO TRADE. We were very excited with Don's methods then got even more excited to learn from Jeff, Tony and Doc. WOW what a group of excellent instructors.


Charlotte and Gary

The 101 five parts series (done four) were very informative and have elevated my understanding of options. As a compliment to Don, the series I have finished, for the first time clarified so much which were confusing, and esoteric. His real time TOS examples were the first I have experienced. This is so vital, and he nailed the rationale.

I have read many books, both digital and print, none were so methodical, and detailed, to the point, I felt I was in elementary school being led by the hand to the demystifying the world of options!

I have two more videos to finish, but wanted to convey my excitement in coming to terms much better after Dons part by part dissection of sometimes hard to grasp terminology and concepts.

John D.

While I work full-time at a daytime job, I try to keep the Theotrade up so I can listen in when I can and trade when I can. That said, I have truly enjoyed everything that I have learned thus far from each of the Theotrade team and I look forward to learning even more.

Hopefully, someday I'll contain the knowledge and confidence to do this full-time as the only job that I'll ever need!

Thanks for all and please pass on a great job and thanks from me!!

Todd H

I’ve been subscribed to TheoTrade for a little while now and just wanted to leave some feedback.
I love everything about it so far.
I have tried other services and TheoTrade is better in every way.
I love the fact that I can pause and rewind the chat window.
The education is great and the fact that it’s all included in the monthly price is awesome.
That will keep me a subscriber for a long time to come.
The price is very reasonable.
Doc has been a great addition.

Keep up the good work.

Rick D

Dear Tony,

I would like to tell you that I am really enjoying trading your system. Also, I think that you constantly every day you discuss your system ONLY reinforces your trading style, and I hope that you repeat it every day. It is a reminder because we get caught into bad habits and as humans it is hard to change, is the reason that I enjoy everyday you discuss your system, thanks.

Like you, I have been searching for the holy grail in trading, and was searching for a fast pace intraday trading and I have at last found it in your system. Any trader that wants to be considered a day trader will embrace your system since it works.

I enjoyed Don's style of trading because he is a QUANT (ps. I am an engineer) that I could relate to. When Don started TheoTrade, I was looking forward to learning from a great Quant trader. I have been involved with Don's programs since he started and always look forward to Don's humor and teachings. Don had the vision like all other visionaries to incorporate other GURUS like ( especially TONY) to his business.

Tony's system is so simple that it took me a while to appreciate and trade it. Learning something new takes time and study. I went into the archives to review Tony's daily chat room presentation. Like all engineers, at first I was making it more complicated then it was. After a while, I would only trade 1 NQ contract to get the feel for the trading system. I was not looking for making money but to comprehend and understand the system. Even though my risk is around $1,000.00, trading a $300,000.00 account, I was not interested in the profits, but only concentrating in understanding and comprehending Tony's methodology.

I use TOS and Tradesation as my trading platforms, but only use TOS for data and trade only in Tradestation. I have been using trade station for many years and feel very comfortable trading in Tradestation. I use 3 computer and 4 monitors. I use my MacBook Pro to watch TheoTrade chat room. I use a very fast computer (w/300 MB download) to watch Tony's 2-minute charts. And lastly, I use my fast laptop with an additional 19-inch monitor PC laptop to watch and trade the NQ futures.

Since I can program in Tradestation and TOS, I had almost every indicator that you can think of. Like you say that having too much information is paralysis analysis. Until I was able to comprehend your methodology of trading futures, I am convinced that your methodology works great.

Since I am retired, I will start trading whenever I wake up which is usually after the market has been opened for about 2 hours. I will turns on all of the computers and watch the Theotrade chat to find out what is being reported. I will analyze the charts to determine the condition as status of the market. Then, when the opportunity arises to the TONY's rules will I make a trade. I have increase my contract size to 2 contracts to trade. So far, the last 2 weeks I have SUCCESSFULLY had ALL winners and NO losses.

Therefore, I am gratefully to Don's philosophy and expertise in trading. I look forward everyday to trade with TheoTrade and learn from all of the teachers.

Thanks Tony and please DO NOT change your attitude and trading style. If it was up to me, I wish that I could listen to you all day.

Please feel free to show the message with the GURU Don Kaufman.

Zeke S.

Dear Tony,

When Don sent out initial emails regarding TheoTrade, I wrote back asking that Futures trading be an item in his new venture.  I have only sent you one email before as support for your efforts, as well as expressing my hope that you would continue at TheoTrade for a long time.

Your presentations have gone from strength to strength and your assistance to all your followers is welcome, constructive and most importantly, offers encouragement to those attempting the vagaries of NQ. I again express my hopes that you are not planning on going anywhere soon.

In regard to my own trading I have been a eager participant from the beginning of your sessions and continue to gain perspective and develop my skills. I have taken some serious draw downs and like wise experienced the euphoria of trades soaring to the heavens.

I eventually paid off my house as a result of the process which is a feat I never deemed possible.

Nothing mentioned above is intended to express my individual success but rather to provide an indication to you as to the meaningful contribution that you make on a daily basis contributing to developing our trading abilities.

I used the skills developed at TheoTrade to work the volatility on Election night to an extent I never dreamed to be possible.

I assure you though that I am in the room everyday that I can be watching our beloved NQ and perusing your videos after hours when I miss out on the live session. I appreciate the “tough love” you purvey on occasions and the inputs on running the process as a business have been very beneficial.

I cycled for a period in my life and really enjoy hearing about your activities and training as I know how hard one has to work at the game to be successful.

All our members enjoy hearing about a person's life as it makes them real and they feel part of a family which I am sure is what Don desires at TheoTrade.

I once again wish to express my thanks to you for your your efforts to share your system, your skills and most importantly the effort that you have made over the last 9 months to send many of us off in our own little boat into the big wide ocean.

I appreciate the dangers out there everyday as I sit down at my computer to begin trading but you must know that I am so happy that I have a skill set outside of my professional life that I absolutely delight in developing and refining. I need to express my thanks to you to you for providing and sharing the insight.

I wish you a very happy festive season and may all our TheoTrade members and Moderators enjoy continued success in the New Year.

with grateful thanks


Dear Don,

I just want to take a few moments to compliment  you and the rest of the Theo Team on the great job you have all been doing.  Although this is my seventh year of full time trading, I can  tell you with certitude that I have learned more in the past  11 months than in the past couple of years.

Election night was an incredible night for me. As you may remember, I did really well in my  /NQ trading account with 3 short contracts. What I didn’t tell you was that I was also well hedged in several other accounts. In total I was short 7 /NQ contracts, and 4 /ES contracts, and covering these contracts  made my whole month.  And  the truth is, without your guidance and education, I would have been  unprepared for election night madness. And again Don, thanks for staying with us deep into the evening on election night, sharing your thoughts and market read. I know there were many other places you could have been that night.

Don, you and the team have taught me the importance of beta weighing, the importance of looking carefully at the risk/reward in trades, and how to mitigate the risks.  You have emphasized  how important it is to look at the portfolio and decide if you can live with the risk, and do your positions represent  how you really want to be positioned for market possibilities.  You’ve taught and gone over myriad  facets  of options, spread trading and hedging. Watching you trade, and you explaining the construction and rationale in your portfolios has been invaluable.

I have been  on  numerous “educational sites” over the past years, and none of them even comes close to the quality and the  professionalism of TheoTrade.  It is obvious to me, and I hope to others, that the people who make TheoTrade what it is care a great deal about doing their best and truly care about the welfare of its subscribers.

To me, TheoTrade has become  home, and the people there have become like family.  And I would recommend it to anyone, family or friend.  There is not a day that goes by that I can’t wait to sign into my TheoTrade  account. Please continue to keep up the great work.

Warmly,    Dr. Jim B.

From the TheoChat Room:

Phil: I've learned more in the past few months with TheoTrade, than I have in the last few years on my own.

Patrick: I put out the $1,000 2 weeks ago - the quality of info available is awesome..

Pascal: You get very good down-to-earth education here.You don't get the get-rich-quick scam here. Theo teaches you about managing risk when other trading services don't do or care much about. They also teach you to look at your asset globally (401K, IRA, trading account)

Dr. Bruce: There is a WEALTH of information on the site and it's ever-growing. In fact, good luck keeping up with it all. I haven't been able too!

Ian (Wags): I have followed Doc for a year or more and I can only say his training is the best.

Hi Jeff,

I did want to extend my real appreciation for your wonderful teaching. I have learned a great deal more from you about the actual mechanics of the market than any other teacher I have seen or heard in over 30 years of observing.

You never talk nonsense or use codewords to conceal ignorance. You do seem to operate at a high pitch that would be unsustainable for most persons. In fact both you and Don get going and the pitch can reach soprano levels. It would be fun to hear you two argue, as you must at times.

In any event I hope that I do have a chance to hear more of your teaching in the future.

My very best wishes to you in life and in trading,