Options 101 - The Basics and Beyond Class

A 5-Part Course

with Don Kaufman

In this information-packed, play-on-demand 5-part "Options 101, The Basics and Beyond" class, you will learn:

  • What are call and put options and how to use them to "control" stock at a fraction of the share price
  • The handful of things you need to know about options so you can speak the language on day one
  • How an option works and how you can use them for protection and profit
  • How to avoid the pitfalls that plague most option traders
  • An introduction to the infamous "Greeks" so you can get to know all the moving parts

Praise for Don Kaufman's Classes & Teaching Style:


Don, the Saturday [Selling Premium] class was about as important as it gets!!!!! Learned a lot about measuring how much risk I am comfortable taking and then how to manage it. Thank you!!!!!


Don, I also want to chime in on how great the selling premium class was. Looking forward to learning how to use calendar spreads in conjunction with the "umbrella of iron condors"