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Professor Jeff Bierman's 15 Class Bundle (The Professor's Package)

with Professor Jeff Bierman, CMT
Lifetime Access to the On-Demand Recordings

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Includes: Everything You Want to Know About Oscillators LIVE class on Thursday, March 29th at 10 AM EST / 9 AM Central

The Professor's 15 classes included in this package:

  • Technical Analysis 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Better Trader Class
  • Technical Analysis 201: From Chart Setups to Trading Execution Methodology Class
  • Art & Science of Trend Trading Class
  • Contrarian Trading Class
  • Fundamentals 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Macroeconomic, Industry, and Financial Statement Analysis Class
  • Ichimoku Cloud Trading System
  • Technical Trading: System and Design Testing Class
  • Pattern Recognition: A Fundamental Introduction to Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques Class
  • How Do You See Risk? A Guide to Evaluating & Applying Technical Volatility Indicators class
  • How Do You Read Charts? A Guide to Classic Price Pattern Recognition Class
  • The Top 10 Common Trading Mistakes
  • Guide to Scanning for Potential Stock Trades Class
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Intraday Trading Strategies & Setups Class
  • Fibonacci Trading Class
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Evaluating Market Strength
  • Lifetime Access to the On-Demand Recording

Learn how to use technical analysis for intraday and swing trading.  Learn the benefits of fundamental analysis and scanning.  During these 15 classes (or over 40 hours) you will learn:

  • The psychological factors that will help you determine your trading strategy
  • How to determine your preferred trading style. Are you a trend, momentum, value, market neutral, contrarian, income, or volatility trader?!
  • How you can step up your charts step by step so you know exactly how to personalize your charts
  • How to determine the volatility indicators you use so you can monitor changes in market price and compare them to historical values
  • How to determine the trend and momentum tools you use per the old market saying, "The trend is your friend."
  • How to determine the support and resistance indicators you use to determine key inflection points in any stock, ETF, or index
  • The indicator selection process to find out what the right indicators are for you
  • How to determine your preferred trading style and identify your pain/risk threshold.
  • How to establish the trading products that you want to use and the time horizon you want to trade
  • The Six Steps for Developing a Trend Trading Strategy so you can develop your own strategy that is right for you
  • What is contrarian trading and why is it used by so many professional traders
  • How you can design your own contrarian trading system based on a high reward to risk ratio
  • What signals to look for in your contrarian trading system so you can get in and out at the RIGHT time
  • What are the most important macroeconomic, industry, and financial fundamentals to watch
  • How to take a big picture to granular picture of the stocks that you want to trade
  • Why everyone - stock, options, Futures, or non-trader - should know about fundamentals to have a basic understanding of economy around them
  • How can you engage in and apply fundamentals analysis immediately so you can get a leg up on everyone else who don't really understand
  • An Understand of the History and Concept behind the "Cloud" trading system
  • How to identify the Components that comprise the Ichimoku trading system
  • How to recognize and adhere to the Trading Signals generated by the Ichimoku system
  • The 400 year history behind candlestick charting so understand the deep roots of candlesticks
  • The guiding principles that comprise candlestick charts so you can ready any candlestick chart at a glance
  • The formation underscoring candlestick charts
  • How to Identify basic candlestick types by configuration
  • How to Interpret the market signals of various candlestick patterns so you can take more accurate trades
  • How to define your underlying security risk or market risk based on historical price data
  • How standardized volatility measures conjoin with traditional technical indicators so volatility indicators can compliment your current technical analysis
  • How to discern empirical differences among common technical volatility indicators
  • How to decide on a set of technical volatility indicators to integrate into your trading strategy
  • How you can make adjustments to your set of volatility indicators based on contemporary market risk conditions or risk profile consistent with the underlying security
  • How to understand what a scan is and how to harness its power
  • The essential elements to building a functional scan to save you time in finding stock trades
  • The fundamentals knowledge of the various categorical screens and associated filters so you can quickly scan for the exact trades you're looking for
  • What are front end scans and how to construct them so you can save your precious time!
  • What are back end scans and how to sort and evaluate your scan results so you can find the best stock trades
  • How to Identify potential trade opportunities based on the back end scan results
  • How to build a competent scanning foundation first in order to take your trade search aptitude to the next level
  • How to determine the specific characteristics, rules and constraints that constitute intraday trading
  • How to determine the differences between the primary factions of intraday trading strategies
  • How you can understand both the driving forces and subtle nuances behind the intraday technical indicators covered in this symposium
  • How to Adopt an intraday trading strategy that matches your mindset and “comfort zone”
  • How to Select a visual mode - i.e. time-based charts, transaction-based charts, or strictly price-based charts—that fits effectively with your trading style and optical perception
  • How to Decide on a suite of technical indicators that are uniquely consistent with your intraday trading strategy criteria which should include volatility, time frame, visual mode, liquidity, comfort zone and trading style
  • How Integrate a combination of technical indicators into your intraday trading setup and consistently monitor them for performance-adjustment optimization purposes
  • Lifetime Access to the On-Demand Recordings

Put theory into practice and look over Professor Bierman's shoulder as he coaches you live using the set ups you’ve learned from the strategies class.  Included is a 1 Month Access Pass to TheoTrade so you can continue your education with the Professor and the rest of the TheoTrade team to learn (a $150 bonus included):

  • Daily Coaching Sessions with Timely Topics on Stocks, Options and Futures
  • Live Trading Chat Room: Traders Provide Real Trade Ideas and Real-Time Market Insights and Analysis
  • Instructor and Coaching Archives - Missed something from the daily continued education watch the recording at your convenience
  • Start Here Section - Whether you're a new or experienced trader these 22 videos will get you started the RIGHT way!
  • Need Studies, indicators or Scans? All included for thinkorswim® users in Your 1 Month Access Pass
Michael S.

Hi Don,

In a word - WOW

I watched the archived recordings of the chat room and your coaching sessions every evening after work this past week. Actually, this has been the first time that I have ever had the opportunity to check out a real trading chat room. As a relative newbie to options trading, to be able to look over the shoulder of professional traders as they present what is happening in the markets is invaluable - and eye opening if you venture in there unprepared.

I really like the direction you're taking TheoTrade. The content on the site is amazing. Thank you for presenting it in a way that even us less experienced traders can follow along and benefit. Posting the trades and shared TOS links in the archive is very helpful, especially for those of us who can't be in the chat room during the market session.

I learned a great deal watching you and Jeff this week. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store at TheoTrade this coming week.


Greg A.


thanks for including me in your Beta for TheoTrade, awesome start and can't wait to see what unfolds. I so appreciate you not taking advantage of everyone and charging for every freakin class. I know you passing on your knowledge at a bargain will come back to you a hundred fold.

I just wanted to put my two cents in for those of us over 50 who are scrambling to get their retirement accounts back in shape as well as the income trades.  Thanks again for all your knowledge you graciously share and for your bedside manner in the way you present it. Here is to a profitable 2016

Please don't ever change your approach.  You offer so much if people are willing to learn.

Thank you again!