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5 Essential Building Blocks to Successful Trading Workshop

with Steve "Slim" Miller

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5 Essential Building Blocks to Successful Trading Class

During this over 3 and a half hour Workshop you will learn the 5 Essential Building Blocks to Becoming a Successful Trader from Steve "Slim" Miller.  

Here's the critical questions you will be able to answer for yourself after this Workshop:

Do you?

  • hope that success in trading will change something in your life?
  • go through cycles of success and failure?
  • repeat behaviors that bring trading challenges?
  • have a trading plan, yet still get off course?

Then you need Building Block #1 “Define a healthy role for trading in your life”

Do you?

  • react with strong emotions when things go wrong or right?
  • experience a lot of negative self-talk when trading presents challenges?
  • feel stress over disappointing yourself or others in your life?
  • keep secrets about trading losses?

Then you need Building Block #2 “Build Emotional Fitness”

Do you?

  • struggle to find your best trading style?
  • know the best analytical tools to use based on your trading style?
  • wonder about the best trading vehicle for your personality?
  • know the best strategic approach based on your account size, experience, risk tolerance?

Then you need Building Block #3 “Balance Trading Style, Personality, Risk Tolerance” and more

Do you?

  • feel alone, like you’re in the markets with no one with whom to talk or set goals?
  • take the time to build a strong base of knowledge about trading and markets?
  • allow life’s distractions to keep you out of focus?
  • struggle to stick to your designed trading plan and adapt to changing conditions?

Then you need Building Block #4 “Adopt Six Key Areas of Discipline”

Do you?

  • feel challenged on how to design a basic trading plan?
  • have reasonable expectations of returns based on your account size and experience?
  • know how to calculate reasonable returns?
  • understand the proper win/loss ratio to be successful in your style?

Then you need Building Block #5 “Create Your Own Unique Winning Formula”

This Workshop Includes:

  • 6 videos, Including an Introduction and the 5 Building Blocks
  • Over 3.5 hours of unique, premium content!
  • Worksheets for each video to help you understand and apply the lessons

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Praise for Steve "Slim" Miller's 5 Essential Building Blocks Workshop

Marty G: I can tell you after Theotrade I am a much better trader. Before it was like a game of luck and now its not.

Dorothy C: Theotrade has sooooo much information that it is great for those who are learning about options.

Oksana T: After loosing 15k in one trade, I realized I need to pay for education classes other wise market will take that money anyway. The best decision in my life.

Jerome L: 3 years of TheoTrade for me is still cheaper than some 3-day workshop I attended.

Amy V: Theotrade tuition worth every penny so far

Brian A: @Slim Thank you for providing this content today.The material is gold.

Andre: Love the breakdown of timeframe by personality and style

Jackie: TheoTrade...This is THE BEST!!! Thanks for making this available

Dorothy Chittenden: When I worked thru my issues with life to help my trading, my Whole life improved! I have an enjoyment of most everything and can laugh off the challenges... This is a great topic - Thank you SLIM

Ric R: This is so ironic for me. In my world, fitness, where I am the expert, I see these exact same issues with novice clients that we worked with. 
Yet in the world of trading where I am the novice, I have these exact same issues. I never put that together before. Eye opening for me in that I as 
the expert in my field, I could save months or years of frustration for a client trying to reach her fitness goals. Hopefully the experts here can do 
the same for my trading goals. Well done so far, guys.

Marty G: I love Slim. His video was one of the first videos I saw on Theotrade. He talked about blowing up your account it was he was talking directly to me.

Stan: Slim, Thank you for making this available to TheoTrade and Don K.

Jerome L: Hi Slim! This is an amazing opportunity to learn more about what you went through and seeing myself going through the same thing. There's a light at the end of the tunnel!

Bruce S.: Slim, Thanks for the insights on discipline. This is the biggest issue in my day trading. Emotions kick in on the first loss and my trading plan and rules go out the window. 
You have provided a number of ways to address that. This is a great session. I'm creating my discipline "story board" for daily review and use right now

Orlando: Steve slim Miller thanks for this great class and teaching us to control our emotions, there is much to learn. I am glad to be part of TT family. 

Bruce S.: Slim - This was a great session. Weaving in your personal experiences and approaches really bring the concepts to life. I love the worksheets.Thank you.

Ray: Thanks Slim for great videos.Much appreciate all your help and efforts

Andreas W: Really very good, all blocks as well the presentaion. Thanks a lot for sharing that knowledge and experience.

Oksana T: Slim after watching this I am a strict mom, now I have to be even more mindful with my boys. Life lessons in parenting. Thanks

Jackie: Thank you so much Slim. Above and beyond!

Joseph P: Thank you for the Great insights!!! a lot of good stuff to keep in mind.

Ray: I will say that your struggles were overcome and that encourages us @Slim and thank you for sharing

Karl C S: Thanks, will watch again and again. Great insights.

Ray: Thank you TheoTrade for organizing this. I appreciate your efforts too!

Tammy: Slim, thanks so much. I forget that I am more the moving parts.

Corky: Thanks Steve I have definitely gotten some great ideas and insights today!

Giacomo G: for me it just pinpointed where I am at and what is the most important thing I have to overcome.... and is not about trading