AAPL stock price today

AAPL stock price today cracks key level AAPL stock price today hit an important level. We have been watching the $92 mark for a while as it came down to $92 on August 24 2015. It tested $92 again earlier this year. Now AAPL stock price is below $92 for the first time since June…

Nasdaq Warning of Pending Volatility

Nasdaq Warning of Pending Volatility Nasdaq is showing warning signs of pending volatility for the rest of the market. Here's what to expect in the week ahead.

AAPL Options Trading Strategy

AAPL Options Trading Strategy Apple's earnings announcement has shell shocked investors as the stock tumbled down to a key support level. Today AAPL was one of the few stocks higher. Here is one AAPL options trading strategy I employ at key times like this. This options trading strategy minimizes risk while taking advantage of an…

AAPL Earnings

AAPL Earnings AAPL earnings are out and they are as ugly as it gets. The first revenue and earnings miss in 13 years. The AAPL earnings are also bad news for the rest of the market as it leaves other investors wondering if the largest and most profitable company in the world is having a…

Where is the Implied Volatility Risk

Where is the Implied Volatility Risk Where does the market see the higher implied volatility risk? It's surprising to see that despite earnings announcements next week and a FOMC meeting that the SPX implied volatility remains low. You look at other markets like the XLF, the ETF of the financials and QQQ, the Nasdaq 100…

How to Trade Earnings with Options

How to Trade Earnings with Options With earnings season coming up everyone wants to know how to trade earnings with options. There seems to be big returns to be made from the move in the stock that after earnings are reported. Let's take a look into the truth around how to trade earnings with options.

Low Volume Pullback

Low Volume Pullback A low volume pullback in today's stock market led lower by the energy sector. With the short week and a Thursday expiration let's review some of our current positions. Here's what we expect for tomorrow before the market takes a long weekend. Is today's pull back the start of something more?

Stock Screener

Stock Screener Using the stock screener to find trade ideas will save you time, money, and stress. Tonight let's look at the thinkorswim scan tab and some of the numerous stock screeners I use to scan for trade set ups I like.

Risk Reward Trading Strategy

Risk Reward Trading Strategy Here is a risk reward trading strategy I like to use on days like today. I bought a put in AAPL. I know you're shocked and horrified. You probably didn't think I ever bought options, but I do. In tonight's video I'll share with you one of the times I buy…

Volatility is Your Friend

Volatility is Your Friend Volatility is your friend and it's back! Today's market saw more than a 40 point move in the SPX and 100 point move in the NDX from high to low intraday. This sets up some great trading opportunities for us. Today I was able to intraday date FB and QQQ short.…

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