The Brexit, the brally, and the brutal reality

TheoTraders must zero in on where the risk is in the market. Let's look at a comparison chart of the bonds, gold, and stocks. This will help us determine whether or not risk is still on the table.

Love It? Well Then Buy It!

If you see something, buy something. That’s been the mantra since Tuesday. Put simply: it’s up. It’s all up. Every single bit of it. Stocks, oil, gold, Treasuries, bunds. All of it. UK equities have rallied an astounding 10% since Tuesday. And why not? It’s not like they just voted to leave the EU. There…

Is It Time To Load Up On US Treasurys?

Here we are, UK referendum day and markets seem all but certain that the “remain” camp is going to ultimately prevail. The latest polls showed the “leave” camp trailing headed into what’s turned out to be a wet day of reckoning in Britain, where “torrential” rain forced some polling stations to close. We’ve seen the…

Is Market Risk Still About the Brexit Vote?

TheoTraders look at all the market correlations to determine what's exactly happening inside the market. For example, we look at the US Bonds which has made a huge move higher ahead of the Brexit vote. Today, with the "leave" possibility off the table you would expect Bonds to have a much more severe reaction lower.…

Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, And Gold: Trading Brexit

The good thing about the Brexit referendum is it’s this week. That rules out the painful prospect that we’ll have to endure the type of summer we suffered through last year when there was a Greece headline every five minutes on market days and every 10 minutes on weekends. Sure, there’s some event risk here,…

Time To Rotate Out Of Stocks And Into… Overpriced Bonds?

It wasn’t a good week for stocks. The Dow and the S&P shed more than 1% while the Nasdaq lost nearly 2%. The problem: the UK may vote to leave the EU next week. “Brexit” - like “Grexit” before it - is something that most US equity investors neither care about nor want to hear…

Was That All the Selling?

Volatility took off, bonds and gold were up. Then stocks rallied into the close. Tonight let's take a look at the key level the S&P held and rallied from. Was that all of the selling we should expect or only the beginning?

Selling Across the Board?

TheoTraders look for risk parameters on down days. In this weekend update let's look closer at the broad based sell off, bonds, and VVIX. What does this all mean for the week ahead?

Free Fallin’: Global Yields Collapse, But Beware The Snapback

It’s a perfect storm. An abysmal NFP print in the US, a worsening outlook for global growth, jitters over whether Britain will vote to leave the EU, and billionaires effectively coming out of retirement to buy gold and make “a bunch of big bearish bets.” And then there’s the lingering threat that China could simply…

Bonds going parabolic

Treasury bonds continue to march higher. Let's review what this means for the stock market.

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