Factoring Movement Into Tuesday

With the presidential election spread continuing to widen we turn to the most immediate economic news. Tomorrow will be last jobs report before the election. It will also be a key measure of what the Fed will do in their last meeting of the year. The markets have already factored in a 66% chance of…

Is the Bubble about to burst?

TheoTraders look back at past bubbles in the market to look for similarities within the markets today. It is important that TheoTraders keep risk at a minimum during a time when volatility can explode at anytime. Let's look at some of the pitfalls of trading in today's market so you can avoid them and become…

Fading the Market

TheoTraders know not to jump on the bandwagon. The ones that go against the grain are the ones who put the odds in their favor. Tonight let's look at the S&P expected range going into the Brexit vote and what levels we will want to fade.

The Fed Dilemma will Dictate Markets Next Move

TheoTraders cautiously await the big news announcement by the FOMC on Wednesday. Will the Fed use words or actions to try and control the markets next move. Around the world negative interest rate policy (ZIRP) has flooded markets with liquidity. In the United States will the Fed put a positive spin on recent unemployment numbers…

Bonds going parabolic

Treasury bonds continue to march higher. Let's review what this means for the stock market.

Is This a "Time Recession"?

TheoTraders understand that it doesn't matter what we think the market should do we must trade the market that's in front of us. For the last year and half many investors have been looking for a healthy correction. A healthy correction resets the market and allows new money to come in. However, markets have been…

Sector Review ahead of News

TheoTraders review the major sectors of the markets before a big news announcement. Tomorrow unemployment numbers are out at 8:30 AM ET. No one knows how the market will react. This may be a situation where bad news is good news because the Fed will sit tight on rates for another 6 weeks. Tonight we…

What news will be a catalyst for the stock market?

Another critical time for the stock market. At this point one market catalyst can send stocks to new highs or to new lows. Let's look at some catalyst examples that are coming up that may dictate where stocks will be going for the rest of the year.

why did the stock market rally today

With a schizophrenic market every change we get a profit we should take it. That's what we did today with the QQQ. A trade we entered on Friday was up over 25% so we closed the trade today. In tonight's video let's take a look at why did the stock market rally today.  

Market Uncertainty

Market Uncertainty Market uncertainty is heating up. The Fed toying with the markets each day as investors hang on their ever word. The chance of a Fed Funds rate in June as elevated to 30% from near zero only a few weeks ago. There is a major election with big policy issues at stake which…

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