Retailers Are Strong and Here's a Trade in Walmart

Stocks saw some volatile intraday movement as overall markets ended the day most unchanged. In this video market update let's analyze where market could still move to this week. Plus one TheoTrade idea we entered today. Watch this video and find out if this trade opportunity is right for you. Also, to learn more about…

Still Expecting a Volatile Evening

The expected move across all the major indexes are expecting a volatile evening. This move will most likely happen over night in the Futures market. As the election wraps up let us all remember one thing in tonight's video... We are opening up our trading room for 2 days - November 8th and 9th. If…

What to Expect with Brexit

It's important to determine which risk metrics that TheoTraders use in the next 2 days. Implied volatility in the SPX is rising as we speak ahead of the much anticipated British referendum. Here's what I'm expecting over the next 2 days and how to protect & profit during this pivotal time in the market.

Fading the Market

TheoTraders know not to jump on the bandwagon. The ones that go against the grain are the ones who put the odds in their favor. Tonight let's look at the S&P expected range going into the Brexit vote and what levels we will want to fade.

Trade Ideas Ahead of Brexit

TheoTraders look at the implied volatility ahead of a major news announcement. This week is the British referendum vote. This is like an earnings announcement for the entire market. Bonds have already made a huge move in anticipation of the vote. Even if vote is to stay we could see a lot of volatility from…

Selling Across the Board?

TheoTraders look for risk parameters on down days. In this weekend update let's look closer at the broad based sell off, bonds, and VVIX. What does this all mean for the week ahead?

Is The Risk Greater Than the Market is Showing?

TheoTraders look beyond the noise of the market into what can be called second level thinking. If the markets are priced to efficiently and volatility drop to zero is this the safest time or the most riskiest time to buy? The casual thinker may say the safest. A TheoTrader would say the riskiest. A TheoTrader…

Trade ideas for the week

TheoTraders look for opportunities in the current market. You never want to stay stuck in one trading mindset. A lot of traders are talking about selling weekly premium. However, TheoTraders know that implied volatility is not correlating with the intraday moves in the market. TheoTraders, let's take a look at the types of trades you…

Trades that put the odds in your favor

Trades that put the odds in your favor "May the odds be ever in your favor" Hunger Games Each week TheoTraders look for trades with an edge. TheoTraders want to find trades that put the odds in your favor. In this weekend edition find out the types of trades that you want to take in…

Nasdaq Warning of Pending Volatility

Nasdaq Warning of Pending Volatility Nasdaq is showing warning signs of pending volatility for the rest of the market. Here's what to expect in the week ahead.

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