The Fed Dilemma will Dictate Markets Next Move

TheoTraders cautiously await the big news announcement by the FOMC on Wednesday. Will the Fed use words or actions to try and control the markets next move. Around the world negative interest rate policy (ZIRP) has flooded markets with liquidity. In the United States will the Fed put a positive spin on recent unemployment numbers…

Sector Review ahead of News

TheoTraders review the major sectors of the markets before a big news announcement. Tomorrow unemployment numbers are out at 8:30 AM ET. No one knows how the market will react. This may be a situation where bad news is good news because the Fed will sit tight on rates for another 6 weeks. Tonight we…

Bearish Trade in the Financials

Bearish Trade in the Financials Over the weekend we went through the performance of the different sectors in the market. Financials remain the weakest link. We looked through several financial stocks today. We finally found one that is perfect for a bearish put spread. Watch the video for this TheoTrade idea.

Stock Sector Performance 2016

Stock Sector Performance 2016 For us to understand what is happening in the overall markets we need to look at stock sector performance in 2016. Let's take a look at what is underperforming and outperforming the major indexes. From there we can find opportunity in the week ahead.

BAC Options

BAC Options Let's setup a trade in Bank of America (BAC). We will use BAC options. I will walk you through the financial stocks tonight and show you what I'm looking for when selecting a stock inside a sector I'm bearish on.

OPEC Meeting April 2016

OPEC Meeting April 2016 With an unscheduled OPEC meeting in April 2016 let's take a look at what the stock market expects to come out of the meeting. Although implied volatility is low in the SPX there still seems to be a lot of concern in the financial sector. Many financials lowered there expectations and…

Intraday Trading

Intraday Trading When the market makes no sense it's time for some intraday trading. Today was a day all my intraday trading was "gold, Jerry, gold!" No, I wasn't trading gold, but everything else. I caught nearly a full point move in ZB bonds futures. Got some great action oil futures. I was intraday trading…

Straddle Option

Straddle Option With volatility low buying a straddle option in the SPY is one way to play an expected increase in volatility. Tonight let's review a few trades that have turned profitable for us. Also, we are going to set up a trade that you have heard about called buying gamma. A straddle option is…

Pairs Trading

Pairs Trading Pairs trading set up between the XLF and QQQ.

Low Trading Volume

Low Trading Volume The stock market is marred by low trading volume across the board whether we look at futures or individual stocks. This is risky for the market because the market will move on any news. If you're into patterns the bond market is has a bearish wedge pattern setting up. Conversely the XLF,…

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