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    Discover the Research Tools Available That You Never Knew Existed

    TheoTrade tutorials will showcase research tools available in your platform and online. Scanning is a traders best friend. Save time and scan for what you're looking for!

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    Utilize Advanced Tools and Functionality

    Most traders are only using a fraction of the tools that are available to them. This is like using 3% of your brain when 100% is available. Whether it be CNBC TV, alerts, heat mapping, earnings calendars, stock scanners, options screeners or back-testing, the rabbit hole goes as far as any trader's imagination will take them.

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    Fully Use Mobile Apps for Your "on the go" Trading

    Can't sit in front of your computer all day starring at the markets? In the age of smart phones and tablet computers you shouldn't have to. TheoTrade® gets that. Learn how to fully use apps for your mobile trading. You can finally cut the shackles from your PC and get a life!