What Defensive Sectors on the Rise Means For the Market?

As we watch money flow into defensive sectors - especially Utilities and Consumer Staples (XLU and XLY) - what does it say about the broader market and stocks in general?  In tonight's video, Corey walks you through the nine major market sectors and then highlights what the strength in defensive sectors means for us right…

After Gravity Point Hit What's Next?

With the /ES turning down exactly as planned at the 2,911 Gravity Spot, what's the next plan for the market and which leading stocks may be joining the market on a sell-swing?  Corey updates your price level and key stock plans on the departure trade from 2,911.

Big Tech Stocks Bouncing Now

Big Technology stocks are bouncing off key support levels after a successful breakdown from higher levels.  If you positioned for the drop, now is the time to take profits as key tech stocks such as AAPL, GOOGL, and others achieve and rally up away from these key daily chart levels.  How long will the rally…

How We're Trading Gold and Bonds Right Now

What does the continued uptrend and recent bullish breakout in Bonds (/ZN, /ZB, and TLT) along with Gold (/GC, GLD) suggest about the stock market?  Join Corey in tonight's video where he updates key levels and trade targets for these markets as well as what it suggests about stock prices in June.

Will this Time be Different? Your Bearish Breakdown Plan

We're still following the script from October 2018 as it plays out in similar fashion now in May 2019.  Will we continue to see more bearish rapid downside action develop on a break under 2,800 or will bulls flip the script and give us a bounce instead of a breakdown?  Either way, know your levels,…

Which Big Retail Names Should You be Trading Now?

Which major retail stocks offer the best trading ideas right now?  With Target and Lowe's both moving in different directions after earnings this week, are there opportunities here?  And what other names might give us low-risk opportunities for the rest of May into June?  Join Corey as he discusses retail stock ideas in tonight's video…

What to Watch for the Rest of the Week

With markets consolidating ahead of a future breakout yet to come, Corey walks you through the key set-ups and levels in play and what targets are likely when the breakout from midpoint levels occurs.  Corey covers all US Equity indexes, Gold, Crude Oil, and Bonds in tonight's video..

Opportunities from Stocks Extending 52 Week Highs

Which leading stocks are extending gains and pushing to newer and newer 52-week highs?  Corey walks you through today's updated scan for strongly trending stocks getting stronger and explains how you can quickly set up this scan for your own charts and trades....

Watch These Crucial Price Levels for Trading Opportunities

A rapid sell-off in May took indexes and key stocks rapidly lower to key price targets.  In tonight's video, Corey updates you on the broader indexes, the VIX pattern, and leading tech stocks such as Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN) and others.  Are there new opportunities off these newly achieved support targets?  Or is further selling…

Watch these Big Stocks Dropping from Highs

With the SP500 down 100 points from its all-time high, which leading stocks are following its pathway lower?  Key stocks such as GOOGL, BA, and CSCO have dropped rapidly from the highs during this period.  Watch tonight's video to discover updated levels and opportunities in these stocks and more.