Getting Ready for the Breakout Volatility Friday

Are you ready for some volatility?  The Federal Reserve will announce its annual meeting policy information and that could be a catalyst for a big move across all markets.  In tonight's video, Corey walks you through the Dominant and Alternate Thesis breakout plans in Stocks, Gold, Oil, and US Treasuries.  Be prepared!

Worst Case Scenario Protection on Break Above this Key Level

Are you ready for a big bullish breakout in the equity market?  While all the evidence points to the short-side of the market against resistance, our first goal is to "think risk first" and we're doing that in tonight's video.  What is your plan to adapt, hedge, cover, or profit from a breakout here?  Corey…

Opportunities in Stocks Making New 52 Week Lows

With all the volatility and focus on equities and bonds, there are hidden opportunities in trending stocks making new lows.  In tonight's video, Corey reveals results from a key scan for "weak stocks getting weaker" and discusses current targets and future opportunities in these candidates...

These Tech Stocks are Ready to Bounce

After a steep sell-off in the market, key technology stocks achieved our price targets and are setting up for a bounce play.  In tonight's video, Corey highlights key tech stocks including Amazon (AMZN), Google (GOOGL) and Microsoft (MSFT) not only achieving key "take profit" targets for traders with bearish positions, but also setting up a…

How to Manage the Fed Fallout

The Fed spoke and the markets moved. Meanwhile, tariff news sent markets flying across the board today, crushing stocks and boosting bonds.  In tonight's video, Corey walks you through the fall-out, carefully navigating positions and future opportunities for stocks, bonds, Oil, and the financials.  What's next?  Find out tonight.

Why Wednesday is So Important

Wednesday will be the big trading day of the week.  What's happening and what's the plan?  Corey walks you through the Federal Reserve interest rate decision and how it will affect stocks, bonds, Gold, and Oil and what levels you can use in your current or new trades.  Not to be outdone by the fed,…

Your Plan for Friday's Earnings Outcomes

Amazon (AMZN) is down big but other stocks are up after Thursday's big earnings events.  How did your position fare?  And what 'fade trade' opportunities are setting up Friday on these expected moves?  Corey details this and more in tonight's snap-earnings update after the close.

Trade These Earnings Plays Before it's Too Late

Wednesday and Thursday will provide dozens of opportunities to trade major stocks announcing earnings. From butterflies to vertical spreads to intraday opportunities, strike now while the opportunities are hot. In tonight's video, Corey discusses daily chart price levels that may help your butterfly or option strategy selection if you're playing these stocks before or after…

These Commodities Are On the Move

With the Fed inching closer to lowering rates later in July, main commodities such as Oil and Gold along with Treasuries and stocks are on the move. In tonight's video, Corey updates you on key levels and price movement occurring as money flows and positions in these markets - and what opportunities are there for…

These Key Stocks Join the Market at All Time Highs

Both the S&P 500 and NASDAQ broke to fresh new 2019 highs today.  Which familiar stocks joined them?  In tonight's video, Corey highlights how you can scan for these strongly trending stocks and what simple trading strategy may work best for these stocks in strong trends.

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