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Sharing Watchlists

Have a watch list you want to share with your trading friends. Sharing is easy with thinkorswim. Watch this short video with thinkorswim expert Don Kaufman. He will show you how to share your watch list and send to your friends, twitter, chat room, or anywhere else. Don't have thinkorswim? Open a TD Ameritrade Account…

Sharing Scripts and Studies

Friends don't let friends buy indicators. The thinkorswim share tool by TD Ameirtrade was designed to eliminate the market of so called trading educators who have created a business around selling you indicators. Share all your technical indicators or studies with your trading friends and family. Watch this short video with thinkorswim expert Don Kaufman.…

Finding Imported Studies

You've imported a study and can't find it? Watch this short video with thinkorswim expert Don Kaufman. He will help you find all of those misplaced imports.

Importing Studies

Another thinkorswim user has shared a study with you? Fantastic. Watch this short video with thinkorswim expert Don Kaufman. He will show you how to import that study into your own thinkorswim platform and where to find it to add to any chart! Open a TD Ameritrade Account and get the thinkorswim platform for free…

Importing TOS Studies

Never buy an indicator again. With TOS you can easily import shared indicators, scans, and watch lists. Watch this video to learn how to import indicators into TOS. Try it with the following TheoTrade indicators... Here is the thinkorswim® indicators link: How to Import into thinkorswim® 1) copy the link 2) go into TOS…

Trading SPX Options

Trading SPX Options

Trading Weekly Options

Trading Weekly Options What are weekly options and how do use weekly options to your advantage? When I first got into this business I was told sell options every month. Now with weekly options I can tell you sell weekly options every week. Why? I'll explain the square root of time in this video. It's…

Probabilities in Trading

Probabilities in Trading In the end Trading breaks down to probability and price. In order to explain probabilities in trading we are going to use options. It's not necessary you understand options because I'll explain some of the basic components. The markets are nothing more than statistics, mathematics, and ultimately probability.

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