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2017 Plan or Get Slaughtered Class

with Doc Severson

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2017 Plan or Get Slaughtered Class

Learn how to build a trading plan for 2017 in our online you will learn:

  • How to turn your goals and desires into a structured, repeatable system for achievement.
  • How to unlock the power of your "trading brain" this year.
  • How to create a business plan for your trading.
  • How to create clear trading plans for each strategy
  • How to balance different strategies with a blended approach to trading
  • How to detect and correct "root cause" errors in your trading strategies that are robbing your profits.
  • How to turn yourself into a performance machine for 2017
  • Includes: Sample Trader's Business Plan, Sample Trading Plan, Strategy Analysis Pareto Tool

As an added bonus you will also get this class:

  • BONUS: Top 10 Skills for Growing a Small Account (a $150 Class)

With your purchase get the following credit:

  • TheoTrade Credit: Get $97 credit to use towards the TotalTheo 12 Month Mentorship

TotalTheo® (12 Month Mentorship)

Includes Plan or Get Slaughtered Class - FREE

Learn how the Markets REALLY Work and how to Maximize Your Profit & Minimize Your Risk with the following TheoTrade curriculum:

  • Options 101: The Basics and Beyond - 5 Part Series (a $150 Class)
  • Options 201: Vertical & Calendar Spreads Essentials Class (a $150 Class)
  • Options 301: Volatility and Expected Move Essentials ($150 Value)
  • High Probability Trading with In/Out Spreads (a $150 Class)
  • Guide to Selling High Probability Spreads (a $300 Class)
  • Iron Up: Iron Condors for Income (a $150 Class)
  • Sell Premium and Minimize York Risk (a $150 Class)
  • Survive and Thrive in Extreme Volatility (a $150 Class)
  • Weekly Options Mini Class (a $100 Class)
  • Covered Calls: Income Generation for Your Stocks (a $150 Class)
  • The Next Big Short: Risk Twist Spread Class (a $200 Class)
  • Small Account Options Trading Workshop (a $100 Class)
  • The Top 10 Skills for Growing a Small Account (a $100 Class)
  • Increasing Vertical Spread Probabilities with Technical Analysis (a $100 Class)
  • RSI Unleashed Class: Building a Comprehensive Trading Framework (a $100 Class)
  • Essential Skills for Consistency in Trading Class (a $200 Class)
  • Fractal Energy Trading Class (a $100 Class)
  • Weekly Diagonal Spreads for Consistent Income Class (a $100 Class)

Continue your education with the following classes over the next 12 Months:

  • Cash Secured Puts: How to Buy Stocks for Less
  • Calendar Spread Essentials: A low IV Strategy
  • Futures Trading: hedging & Beyond
  • Pairs Trading: Take Advantage of Market Inefficiencies
  • Day Trading: How to use Weekly Options for Gamma Explosions
  • Technical Trading: How to use Technical Analysis to trade options

Continue your education daily with the following daily support:

  • Daily Coaching Sessions with Timely Topics on Stocks, Options & Futures ($600 Value)
  • Live Trading Chat Room: Traders Provide Real Trade Ideas and Real-Time Market Insights ($1,800 Value)
  • TheoArchives - Missed something we said? Find it all in Your Membership Portal, and Instantly Replay and View Every Second ($1,800 Value)
  • TheoTrade Ideas: Need real trade examples? We will send you email alerts with trade from our professional traders
  • Need Studies or Scans? All included in your 12 Month Mentorship

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