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Technical Analysis 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Better Trader Class

with Jeff Bierman

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Technical Analysis 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Better Trader Class

Learn how to decide your trading strategy, set up your charts, and select your indicators in this online class, you will learn:

  • The psychological factors that will help you determine your trading strategy
  • How to determine your preferred trading style. Are you a trend, momentum, value, market neutral, contrarian, income, or volatility trader?!
  • How you can step up your charts step by step so you know exactly how to personalize your charts
  • How to determine the volatility indicators you use so you can monitor changes in market price and compare them to historical values
  • How to determine the trend and momentum tools you use per the old market saying, "The trend is your friend."
  • How to determine the support and resistance indicators you use to determine key inflection points in any stock, ETF, or index
  • How to add useful tools to your daily or weekly trading life that will help keep you informed and FOCUSED
  • Perfect for new traders who want an understanding of how to use technical analysis or for advanced traders who suffer from analysis paralysis

As an added bonus:

  • BONUS: 16-video series on thinkorswim

TotalTheo® (12 Month Mentorship)

Includes Technical Analysis 101 Class

Learn how the Markets REALLY Work and how to Maximize Your Profit & Minimize Your Risk with the following TheoTrade curriculum:

  • Options 101: The Basics and Beyond - 5 Part Series (a $150 Class)
  • Options 201: Vertical & Calendar Spreads Essentials Class (a $150 Class)
  • Options 301: Volatility and Expected Move Essentials ($150 Value)
  • High Probability Trading with In/Out Spreads (a $150 Class)
  • Guide to Selling High Probability Spreads (a $300 Class)
  • Iron Up: Iron Condors for Income (a $150 Class)
  • Sell Premium and Minimize York Risk (a $150 Class)
  • Survive and Thrive in Extreme Volatility (a $150 Class)
  • Weekly Options Mini Class (a $100 Class)
  • Covered Calls: Income Generation for Your Stocks (a $150 Class)
  • The Next Big Short: Risk Twist Spread Class (a $200 Class)
  • Small Account Options Trading Workshop (a $100 Class)
  • The Top 10 Skills for Growing a Small Account (a $100 Class)
  • Increasing Vertical Spread Probabilities with Technical Analysis (a $100 Class)
  • RSI Unleashed Class: Building a Comprehensive Trading Framework (a $100 Class)
  • Essential Skills for Consistency in Trading Class (a $200 Class)
  • Fractal Energy Trading Class (a $100 Class)
  • Weekly Diagonal Spreads for Consistent Income Class (a $100 Class)
  • Butterfly's Guide to Weekly Returns Class (a $200 Class)

Continue your education with the following classes over the next 12 Months:

  • Cash Secured Puts: How to Buy Stocks for Less
  • Calendar Spread Essentials: A low IV Strategy
  • Futures Trading: hedging & Beyond
  • Pairs Trading: Take Advantage of Market Inefficiencies
  • Day Trading: How to use Weekly Options for Gamma Explosions
  • Technical Trading: How to use Technical Analysis to trade options

Continue your education daily with the following daily support:

  • Daily Coaching Sessions with Timely Topics on Stocks, Options & Futures ($600 Value)
  • Live Trading Chat Room: Traders Provide Real Trade Ideas and Real-Time Market Insights ($1,800 Value)
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  • Need Studies or Scans? All included in your 12 Month Mentorship

Praise for Jeff Bierman's Technical Analysis 101 Class

Thanks Very Very Much Jeff --- Totally incredible Webinar --- Extremely Well Done!

- Pat W

Jeff, thanks a bunch - will review it at least 2 more times there is so much in there...


Good stuff Jeff!


I did the 1 year. There are so many hours of information.

-Dorothy C

Thanks, Jeff. I learned a lot.

-J. J.

Jeff - This was an exceptional class. Been a member for a month and working through the plethora of archives. This one should be part of the "suggested"reading list for TheoTrade


This is what I call a good class!


Thanks Jeff! Always great classes!


Thanks Jeff...great stuff!

-Michael M.

I took the 3 month membership, will upgrade to the 1 year. This is a great educational site!


Charter member and still got a ton out of today's class.


This was a great training.


Thank you so much Jeff! This is extremely helpful material.


Thnx Jeff - flat out beyond helpful!


Jeff - excellent class! Thank you!


Thank you and have a good weekend! This is worth every penny!

-Martin G

Excellent Presentation Professor Bierman.Thanks.

-Brian A

Always love your stuff Jeff 🙂