A Decade of Greed is Over But Fear Generates These Opportunities

Stocks sink to a 17 month low as a mix of fears cause panic selling to the tune of 3 standard deviations this week. In this crucial weekend video newsletter update we focus on the plethora of opportunities in this market. Watch this video newsletter update right now so you can capitalize. Don't be blind sided in next week's trading...



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  • Richard Semock

    December 21, 2018

    Unprecedented volatility of today that has never been seen before in your 20+ career, and all the etf's and other indices are all grouped into a 14 to 16% down draft. This unprecedented behavior seems to indicate stock market manipulation that was kicked off by fed rate adjustments and carefully worded verbal nudges by fed management. What I find attractive about forex investing is that its too big to manipulate yet by a cabal of big money like the stock market is. btw, Im still taking the newbie course in options 101.

  • Jovi Pedro

    December 22, 2018

    Thanks for being there! (As mentioned in video).
    I can't say enough how your videos are so important and so validated! Thank you, Don!

  • Timothy Robinson

    December 22, 2018

    Dear Don,

    I'm enjoying and learning from all your videos. Thank you again. I have been lucky with my trading in 2018. Right now I'm all in cash and waiting for a profitable reversal. Since you mentioned Aug. 24, 2015, I also did OK that morning. I remember distinctly that the VIX did not open at 9:30, and the print was frozen not too high. I was terrified and I sold all my long puts by 10:15. My point is that this index with its futures seems easy to manipulate by TPTB. You are a very kind and generous man. Now's the time for caution. Our institutions have lost any semblance of leadership and predictability. I wish the rest of the country could follow the example of the great patriots who have served as Arizona senators with distinction. Please take care of yourself.

    Tim Robinson in New Haven