Amazon AMZN Leads Tech to New Highs. What Stocks Joined Them?

The NASDAQ burst higher with a trend day thanks in large part to Amazon (AMZN) and other leading tech stocks with some key financial names.  Which stocks from our list joined and how are we trading these "strong stocks getting stronger" candidates in this overbought market?  Corey explains a couple quick strategies in tonight's video.

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  • Kevin Morgan

    December 27, 2019

    I know you folks here at theotrade don't do much or any Elliott wave analysis. It's valuable here: the situation is pretty obvious and nominal: a cycle V launched off the Dec 2018 low, and has done a primary 1 and 2 and is in primary 3 up now. The primary has done an intermediate 1 and 2 and is in intermediate 3 now. The intermediate 3 has done a minor 1 and 2 and is in a minor 3 now. It's very, very close to completing (Dec 27th? Or Dec 31?). We should then see 2-4 weeks of sideways/down price action, taking price in SPX down to the range of the minute iv wave of the minor 3, which is the range 3070-3154 (the 11/27 to 12/3 correction). Then...back to minor 5 action up to new highs again. Then rinse and repeat at higher degree (intermediate 4 then 5), then once again at yet higher degree (primary 4 and 5). It's going to be a generally rising, but somewhat volatile market in 2020. BTW, once the overall cycle V is done (late 2021?), watch out below...