Are Signs of a Market Bubble Everywhere?

Stocks push to an all time high as the S&P closes above its expected move for the first time in an incredible 23 weeks. In this crucial weekend video newsletter update Don looks at 30 years worth of market data to try to determine if this market is in a bubble. Watch this video now so you're prepared for next week... 

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  • Brad

    January 17, 2020

    So do you suggest a 5-10% trailing stop on long equity positions now? I really don't want my 80 year old dad's portfolio to vanish with what it is at now.

    • Kevin Morgan

      January 30, 2020

      One should always have a risk management (exit) plan when there is non-trivial money in the market. And "buy and hold" is a strategy for being underwater for many, many years at a time. At 80, while I am not a financial planner, I would suggest very conservative management in general. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and once a 89% "correction" happen. I don't think a >20% is coming for quite awhile...but that's not material to a proper risk management plan. Best of luck.

  • James Callear

    January 18, 2020

    Very thoughtful, analytical, and plain spoken presentation. Thank you.