Playing Offense and Defense with Headline Risk

Though tensions eased in the Middle East after ramping up earlier this week, we saw planned price movement occur at our key levels especially in Crude Oil. In tonight's video, Corey highlights these moves as well as the offensive and defensive money flow happening quickly - along with two defense stocks and two oil stocks…

Getting Ready to Break Out of the Box

While we still remain within a wide range rectangle or Volatility Box right now, that won't always be the case. In fact, we may get the breakout next week. In tonight's video, Corey walks you through the key levels in the main equity indexes then discusses how to trade within the range in Gold and…

Clear Warning Sign from Unlikely Stocks at New Highs

It should be bullish to note stocks making new 52-week highs, but is that always the case?  In tonight's video, Corey walks you through a scan of 30 key stocks in the SP500 that just made a new 52-week high today.  Instead of identifying these as trading candidates as usual, take a moment to see…

Your Trade Plan for Bonds and Financials

With volatile striking back and financials in focus, how should you be trading the movement? Tonight, Corey focus on financials once again, all of which are in play at critical support levels. Be sure to watch tonight's plan on leading financial stocks, the XLF, and bonds.

How To Trade When Volatility Strikes

This week gave us plenty of opportunities in the volatility, be it in stocks, sectors, Gold, Oil, or Treasuries. In tonight's video, Corey quickly walks you through current trade ideas and price levels in play (or almost achieved) for these markets right now. If volatility strikes again, know what to do and protect your positions.

Check out these Major Earnings Plays

We saw leading financial stocks including Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs report earnings today. Which key stocks are we watching and ready to trade for Wednesday into Thursday? Corey covers key levels, option expected moves, and opportunities for your intraday and swing trading tactics for Netflix and other major stocks in tonight's video.

Your Trading Plan After the Fed Day

The Fed did as expected and kept overnight interest rates the same, but opened the door wide to rate cuts later in 2019, possibly as soon as July. In a follow-up to last night's video, Corey walks you through the immediate reactions and expected plays now that we know what the Fed announced. There was…

Your Plan for Tomorrow's Fed Day

Will the Fed Cut Rates tomorrow? And if so, what is your plan? As traders we should always be prepared and plan for the unexpected, and Corey covers that in tonight's video. While we expect the Fed to keep rates the same tomorrow, we're prepared for any outcome and note updated price and planning levels…

Key Sectors in Play Right Now

There's a surprising message from sector activity right now - and a sector you might not expect just made a fresh new 52-week high.  Which sector is it and what does it mean about the broader market?  Corey explains the current activity and opportunities in tonight's video.

This Is Where The Stock Market Stands

In tonight's video we note where we are in the stock market, main sectors, and key commodity markets and what to watch as we start September.  We're still planning for a small pullback against the new equity market highs and note key things to watch in this non-stop bull equity swing and we take a…

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