Tech Gets Boost From AAPL So What's Next?

After a giant market rally in part thanks to Apple (AAPL) earnings and reaction, we update our support plays off key price levels in leading stocks including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel and more for current and future trades.

XLF Hits Resistance Here's The Next Trade

In tonight's video we begin with our XLF price targets hit and then discuss the next trades from today's target. We also highlight leading stocks including JPM, C, WFC, GS, MS and more...and what a breakout or another planned fade from this level may mean for the broader market.

Earnings & Expected Moves Set The Stage For Friday

Amazon AMZN reported earnings after the close as did Intel, Chipotle, Starbucks, Mastercard and others. In tonight's video we take a look at how the expected moves - in all these cases so far - contained the post-market volatility.  We then note our reference levels for Friday's trades into these names and more….

How To Trade The Titans of Tech

With NFLX and MSFT earnings behind us, we study today's gap up earnings surprise in GOOGL and then plan this week's earnings plan for FB, AMZN, TWTR, and then AAPL. Earning plays can be risky and it can be easier to trade after an earnings announcement for many traders....

Your Trade Plan for Key Stocks

In this video, we start with XLY and then XRT and then focus on specific price levels and breakout-or-range trades setting up right now in TGT, JWN, BBY, KORS, ROST, AEO, and of course COST. We focus on planning a future breakout or alternatively playing this range at the highs for your next swing trade…..

Disaster Planning When Your Trading Plan Goes Wrong

In tonight's video we discuss how important it is to avoid "Deer in Headlights" when something unexpected happens to your trade.  We show examples from the gap-down in Netflix (NFLX), the failed sell-swing turned big rally in /NQ and /ES along with the 'failure to bounce into breakdown' today in /GC….  

What do Financials and Tech Have to Say About a Future Breakout?

In this video, we revisit the key levels - and the Nasdaq breaking through - and then update the prior analysis on XLF and about 6 financial stocks and then do the same with XLK technology and the monsters of tech, noting key levels and what future breakouts mean for higher equity prices beyond resistance...

Time to Swing Trade Short?

  In this video you will see the resistance levels (prices) in all four equity indexes, and hear about the abnormally low volume recently, and see the breadth while hearing about the potential sell-swing plans (in the indexes too) of our leading tech stocks...

Planning for a Volatile Friday

In this video, see how the joint news of the midnight Trade War and the Jobs Report - both pre-market - could set the stage for a volatile Friday. Picking up from Tuesday's video, we highlight the key levels in /NQ /ES /YM and /RTY for possible breakout (short-squeeze) targets or continued range contraction -…

Breakout or Fizzle out? Key Levels to Watch in the Markets Right Now

In this video you will see a comparison in the recent movement up to key levels - such as 2,700 /ES, 7,000 /NQ, $74 in /CL, and $1,250 /GC and then note future pathways - and thus trade opportunities - depending on whether we "breakout" beyond these pivots or "fizzle out" and retrace here against…

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