Bulls Dominating 2020 So Far - Your Update and Plan

Though it's just one day into the new year, bulls seized control to close the market at yet another all-time high.  In tonight's video update, Corey discusses where the money is flowing, which sectors are strongest/weakest, and what might be a good short-term tactic for trading this non-stop bullish market...

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  • John

    January 3, 2020

    Don and Crew thanks for the updates, I really thank you it helps to stay a little informed. Now how about the #3 on theo trade would that have been a zinger this morning.

  • Kevin Morgan

    January 3, 2020

    Might not be the best time to play the long side. Market very due for a minor correction (minor 4 wave), SPX going back to and bottoming at the range of the prior minute iv (3070-3154). And it looks like it just might be starting up here (mid-day Friday 1/3).