About Us

TheoTrade consists of carefully vetted trading education teachers, coaches, mentors, as well as content operations and trading technology developers with decades of experience navigating the inevitable ups and downs of the markets...and all the wisdom that experience yields. We pass all the benefits of that wisdom down to you.

About TheoTrade

TheoTrade, LLC is a trading education firm based out of Scottsdale, AZ, specializing in education for options, futures, and stocks. TheoTrade was started by professional traders who are first and foremost experienced trading educators. We are not a registered advisory service or a brokerage firm. Although TheoTrade provides the best trading education in the business, your results and ultimate responsibility are your own. Individual trading results will vary. Trading has risk. Trading involves real money. TheoTrade is here to help you mitigate the risks in the market, while learning a skill that can last you for life.

You Are The Reason We Exist...

TheoTrade was born out of a burning desire to deliver the best comprehensive trading education and most close-knit trading community on the planet.

The problem is the vast amount of misinformation that exists in every corner of the trading world made it impossible to find that perfect mix all in one place.

Since we couldn't find it anywhere else in the entire industry...we created it for you.

The strategies taught in our online classes, chat rooms, and workshops are used by trading professionals around the world. You will be learning from some of the most preeminent traders in the world. Our instructors have a minimum of 15 years’ experience working within the finance industry as traders, market makers, or brokers.

They will teach you how to hedge your stocks and mutual funds to enhance your returns and minimize losses on major downturns. You will learn how to place trades that can produce large monthly returns with very small moves in a stock. All this can be done with minimal capital and in only a few hours per week.

At TheoTrade, our courses and coaching will provide you with step by step criteria for each strategy that will help you select and validate candidates, establish loss limits and profit goals, and enter and exit each trade.

You’ll learn in a very short time what takes most traders many years to discover through trial and error.  The greatest experience is other traders' knowledge and learning from their mistakes. If you have little or no experience with options, some of the material in this study guide may be difficult to grasp at first. Don’t let that worry you. It is our job through online classes, coaching, and workshops to help you understand the concepts. The TheoTrade material is presented in several ways to help shorten your learning curve and help you become the best trader you can be...fast.

The TheoTrade Core Values

At TheoTrade, all of our Team lives these Core Values. Maybe you will be inspired to either take on these, or even make some Core Values of your own, as a Trader. Either way, it sets a perfect tone for success, and takes away needless stress, so you can enjoy your learning journey as a trader. These Core Values have a way of spilling into other areas of a person's life, and creating success on many levels. When you read over these, you will know these Core Values reflect TheoTrade's intention towards you as our Esteemed Client.

Be Coachable (Be Adaptable and Flexible)

This Core Value is about being willing to learn, and "teachable." It's so important to be a lifelong learner and to understand that you can't ever learn "less." This Value entails being able to receive feedback for improvement, and being open and flexible to see things in a new way. Adaptability and resilience are absolutely critical to your success as a trader. Always be striving to improve yourself, and being coachable is a key step to becoming the best trader you can be.

Have a Positive Attitude / Mindset

This Core Value cannot be understated. Having a positive attitude means shifting from taking everything personally, blaming, finding fault, and creating constant "problems" that aren't there---to being highly efficient and solutions-oriented. And let's face it...a whole lot happier! Both in trading and in life. Ask, "what else can I do?" It will change your life.

Do the Right Thing

We know there are a lot of frauds out there. Snake oil salesmen. TheoTrade rises above all of that, and it's evident in our entire Training Catalog and Portal. This is because of the Core Value we embody to always Do the Right Thing. We are reliable, helpful, and do our best not to make assumptions until we know the situation more clearly. Getting a handle on "knee jerk" reactions helps both on our side, which is Customer Service & Teaching, and on the Trader side, which takes away the need to knee jerk react to the markets. Basically when you do the right thing, you can sleep well at night, regardless of whether you took a win or a loss (and you will experience both as a trader). We do right by you at TheoTrade.

Always Do Your Best / Put Your Best Foot Forward

At TheoTrade, every member of our Team is an expert in his/her field. Therefore, we strive to bring our "A-game" every single day. We work hard, have a high standard of excellence, and pay careful attention to the quality of content, service, and overall experience we provide our customers. When you're always doing your best, you can feel good that no matter what happens, you always come from a place of personal power. From that place, you can make strong and profitable decisions both in your trading business and in life.

Your TheoTrade Team

The TheoTrade Mantra

Traders, speculators, and investors who do not utilize risk management techniques are at the mercy of the market. They may fall victim to market corrections and reversals.

The best traders -- the ones that last -- utilize strategies designed to reduce risks and protect capital.

So therefore the TheoTrade mantra is:

"Reduce Risk. Protect Capital."