Markets on the Verge of Ugly?

Volatility in markets came to life late in the trading week on a series of FED, China, and tweetastic events! However, we are not as concerned with past events as we are with future risks... and those risk are plentiful. Correlation Coefficients, Volatility of the VIX, Expected Moves, and much more all point to this only being the onset of risk. Don will walk you through how these coming trading sessions are likely to play out and what you need to focus on in order to make it through unscathed.

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  • Thomas Toedtman

    August 24, 2019

    Excellent Don,

    I suspect Trumps tweet will create immense drama as Congress reacts, China reacts, and the move down in the dollar Fri is exceeded.

    Your abilities to reveal market temperament/ sensitivities/ and concluding strategies is remarkable/ uncanny/ awesome !
    It is probable that ugly becoming unthinkable (macro perspective) was already in the wind and could now result in advancing the rollout of more troubling agendas. Negative energy acceleration.

    The VIX at 19 is to keep the market calm. I suspect you probably agree.
    Arabs including MBS are colluding with China and Russia and we could loose the petrodollar causing a drastic devaluation. so frankly I'm most concerned about a Plan B

    tom toedtman