Old Traders Say to Watch This

Funds continued to shuffle capital around the market leaving the indices mostly unchanged. In tonight's video we look at the record low volatility and the bets traders are placing on it. Also, we look at one area of the market old school traders say to watch...

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  • Doug

    October 16, 2017

    The Viv ema13 is at 10.43, the vix is at 9.93, when the vix maverage hits the 13 line it either will explode up or subside. We need a couple of zigzags for it to really explode. Aapl two hour has a lot of room but the daily slope is about to turn,the daily vix is positive with the 2 hour turning up. I think when the aapl falls from the tree time to buy vix at the 15 level maybe one r two weeks out. Iwm has only fallen a $ from top level,needs to hit 147.50 then 145.30 it will start rocking.