Recipe for Volatility? Interest Rates Up and Broken Correlations

Stocks continue higher as portfolio managers continue to seek returns anywhere they can. In this crucial weekend video newsletter update we look at several broken correlations in the market. Watch the video for plenty of trading opportunities in the coming weeks...

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  • Arthur NY

    October 1, 2017

    Clarity in this video, thank you Don: remarkable confirmation of current realities and summary regarding bonds was the simple period on this mellifluous weekend update.
    (-sticking with the period as an ! would be oxymoron)
    Seriously great.
    Probably good idea if I go ahead to jot a few bulleted points, since, once the new month commences its often easily forgotten until it becomes an after the fact 'douwf!'

  • John Campbell

    October 1, 2017

    What other correlations can I use for oil besides the dollar?