Volatility Starts from Smaller Timeframes, and FXI Setup

Ranges on stocks continue to increase as the S&P average true range nearly doubled in just few weeks. This has set up some much better intraday trading and short term trades. In this video market update let's analyze a short term trade in the FXI. Watch this video and find out if this trade opportunity is right for you.

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  • Christian

    December 7, 2017

    Thanks Doc you always speak in a way that everyone can understand, you explain a nice easy set up(Debit call spread) & you always seem very calm and cool(despite the Rogaine not working for you) didn't for me either I had the pleasure of watching 1 of your webinars and it was awesome. Most importantly you don't teach or show any bias(which is 1 of the advantages of using options I think that's what people don't understand-up/down/sideways u can still do well) & I think you're a bit older than Don as am I, who is extremely funny& smart I couldn't design a system 2 remove bloatware from my smartphone and he worked on TOS! & your advice about letting the market dictate your strategy and not the other way around, being flexible and not (always)sticking to what your comfortable trading really helped me, both you guys are doing a great job +everyone Theotrade, Thank you for your time, cheers
    C. ConCannon