Why Sell Volatility This Low?

Why Sell Volatility This Low?

Should you really be selling volatility right now? Let's take a look at what's moving this market and what's not. We will start out with sectors then dive into specific ETFs like the XLF. I'm going to start building my case for why you want to wait to start selling volatility until next year. Right now if you wanna do anything buy this low volatility. It will be a wild ride tonight. We will go around these markets, sideways and backwards, but in the end it will all come clear!

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  • Dejan

    December 27, 2015

    Excellent analysis between implied volatility and historical volatility and the reason not to sell options premium on SPX at this time. Thanks.

  • Don Kaufman

    December 28, 2015

    Thanks Dejan! Yep I would like to see implied vol pick up in the SPX early in the new year and once again make premium selling worthwhile. The juice has got to be worth the squeeze!