Global Growth Slows, but Markets Fail to React

Stocks end the week stuck in a range despite a global growth slow down for the 2nd quarter in a row. In this crucial weekend video newsletter update we focus on lots of opportunities in upcoming earnings announcements. Watch this video newsletter update right now to so you're not blind sided in next week's trading...

Tech Stocks Hit Targets into Earnings

Netflix (NFLX) gapped higher after earnings today, but it wasn't alone.  Three other main stocks in the SP100 joined Netflix with a gap-up into our previously-stated upside targets.  What are these names and what stocks are reporting earnings on Friday?  Join Corey for the answer in tonight's video.

Expected Moves Drive Stocks Around Earnings

Earnings take center stage with Netflix, the first of the major tech stocks releasing numbers after the bell. What we learn via watching thousands of occurrence of earnings announcements is stock price movement following earnings is being driven almost exclusively by options markets. Don will explain how expected move grips hold of stock price movement…

Targets Achieved in Key Financial Stocks

After a round of surprise earnings today, many key financial stocks achieved higher price targets mentioned earlier from support bounce plays.  In tonight's video, Corey updates you on the broader Financial Sector (XLF) along with earnings-specific updates in key stocks including Goldman Sachs (GS).

What to Expect as Earnings Season Approaches

Don't let today's Holiday tape fool you.  The market still expects a big move this week thanks to major earnings announcements.  Here are the trading opportunities to advantage of this week...

Trade War, FED, or Earnings Pick Your Volatility Poison

Although trade war talk will subside there are still lots of volatility events on the horizon and the market is pricing that in. In this crucial weekend video newsletter Don discusses those risks and what opportunities you can expect next week...

Your Trading Plan for Friday

In light of surprise headlines and volatility, the SP500 stayed mostly within the weekly expected move levels.  In tonight's video, Corey updates your Expected Move charts for Friday and notes key trendlines and specific levels in all equity indexes for your trades into the weekend.

A Volatility Holding Pattern Emerges in Markets

Stocks higher today getting back to one of our gravity points at 2911. The markets will be focused on the trade deal in the coming days. Will it or won't it happen? And how will the Fed respond? One thing is for sure the Fed has painted themselves into a corner and they have no…

Opportunities in Bearish Trending Stocks

Which stocks are making new 52 week lows and what's the trading strategy with these candidates?  In tonight's video, Corey flips the script from bullish trending stocks and highlights the 19 results from today's bearish trending stock scan.  From these he highlights possible pullback plays for the future.

Back in the Volatility Box?

Markets are throwing off signs of being trapped back in the Volatility box…everything from Vol futures, ES futures, to VVIX and more point to signs of instability and fast moves coming to a market near you!  Join Don Kaufman as he details what to look for in the trading days to come!