Whats Working in 2019 - Buying vs. Selling Options Premium?

A good jobs number shall place more pressure on the FED as unemployment hits 3.7% a low not seen since 1969. Additionally, we shall answer the age old options question... in the first half of 2019 did it pay to be a buyer or selling of options premium?

Bonds are Driving the Purchase of Everything

Stocks continue to move higher in Holiday trading.  The S&P hit 3,000 for the first time ever today.  The stock market is all about interest rates right now.  The 10 year treasury rate fell to fresh 2 year lows.  With interest rates driving the prices of everything higher the question is - can rates fall…

How to Trade Tech Stocks into Resistance Targets

With stocks at all-time highs, most leading technology stocks are just under key resistance price levels, not keeping pace with the broader market.  In tonight's video, Corey highlights the main tech names including AAPL, AMZN, NFLX, and GOOGL to note current resistance targets and how to adjust your positions into these upcoming levels.

Looking for a Reversal? Here is what you Need to Watch!

Several Sectors have reversed on a strong market day but Don will explain what sectors matter most moving forward and where the weakness lies.   We will also weigh several trade ideas within the consumer sector as pressure mounts in several key stocks of this vital sector.

China, Fed, Slowing Growth, and a Record Breaking Rally?

With the best first 6 months of the year in the books since 1997, it's still going to be all about the Fed, trade wars, and far reaching economic risks. How long will this rally last, and what opportunities may be in store? Watch this weekend report to find out...

Get Ready for the Breakout in Financial Stocks

We're seeing a lengthy consolidation in the XLF and most leading financial stocks which has led many traders to ignore these stocks for now.  That may be a mistake as financial stocks are getting ready in the near-future to break out of the current sideways range and traders who are prepared for it stand a…

Get Your Risk Wrapped Tight

Markets are a tweeter happy danger fest and your capital is on the line... get your risk wrapped tight in these binary times! Don will detail where a few edges may exist and the anticipated next move for the financials...

New Levels on a Pullback from All-Time Highs

With the stock market trading down from all-time highs, what old levels are back in play for this pullback?  Technology stocks were hit hardest today with some stocks triggered expected pullbacks from key target price levels. Also, Corey walks you through the breakout and surge in Gold along with Crude Oil to note new opportunities…

Get Your Hedges On

Markets are poised for a several large economic reports, Jerome Powell speaking, and the G20 summit all packed into a fun filled market week. What are you waiting for? Get your hedges on and get you risk under wraps prior to markets making its move!

Global Growth Slows but FED to the Rescue

The Fed drives rates to multi year lows and the stock market to all times highs. In this crucial weekend video newsletter we look at the opportunity this creates. Watch this video newsletter now so you don't miss out next week...

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