What's Next for Stocks?

Stocks have paused after making new highs. Is the market preparing for the next move to the upside or is it stalling at new highs? Let's find out what we think has the greatest possibility of happening next...

Earnings Announcements in Full Swing

Welcome to the crapshoot game of the earnings season. Many don't know that if you look at 1000s of earnings trades and try to sell premium the return is a whopping zero! However, if you place trades before earnings on the side of the trend this gives you a slight edge. Here's a few examples…

Premium Sellers Should Fear the Low Volatility

TheoTraders must be aware of when to be a buyer or a seller of option premium. In this weekend edition let's take a look at how you can do that. At TheoTrade we have done the hard work for you. Not only do we have the answer, but analysis behind that so you understand. Here…

Froth in the Markets and the Pepsi Challenge

Markets have surged 170 points since Brexit to new all time highs. Here is one scan I use to find contrarian set ups. One of the stocks this scan came up with was PEP. Let's review the trade and what to expect with earnings coming up.

Stocks Take An Awkward Pause

In the past few days stocks made new all time highs and today's awkward pause comes right before earnings season starts. TheoTraders must stay aware of the macro economic picture of the global economy. Tonight I want to highlight one of our TheoDark reports that showcase a major opportunity in Japan that we will be…

Shopping for Value at the Helipad

We take a look into the last 100 years of the S&P 500.

New Highs and FedSpeak for a Sideways Week

Markets hit new highs... here's what to expect going forward.

Relationships in the Market

There is divergence in the force... the market that is. Looking at the 3 major indexes - the SPX, RUT, and QQQ - the weakest index has become the strongest and the strongest the weakest. One thing that we have been harping on is historical volatility vs. implied volatility. Everybody wants to be premium sellers…

The Fed is Out of the Way

Thanks to Brexit, political and global uncertainty the Fed is now out of the way for the foreseeable future. TheoTraders will know what the risks are in the market. Here's what to look for in bonds and stocks.

Historical Volatility vs. Implied Volatility

TheoTraders look for disparages between historical volatility and implied volatility to determine what kind of an edge the market is giving us. TheoTraders love nothing better than to sell premium. However, that's not what the market is giving us right now. The SPX implied volatility is telling us that it is more advantageous to be…