Market Uncertainty

Market Uncertainty Market uncertainty is heating up. The Fed toying with the markets each day as investors hang on their ever word. The chance of a Fed Funds rate in June as elevated to 30% from near zero only a few weeks ago. There is a major election with big policy issues at stake which…

Opportunity in the Bonds

Opportunity in the Bonds It was only last week that I talked about scaling into a longer term short position in the bonds. I was only able to get partially in the position when Bonds broke hard today. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. I covered the short Bond position today and will…

What do the Charts Say about this Sell Off?

What do the Charts Say about this Sell Off? The sell off today has left markets in a pivotal area. The S&P has been able to hold this level for the past month. What happens here could be the set up for the rest of 2016. We will also cover gold, oil, and RUT.

Bearish Trade in the Financials

Bearish Trade in the Financials Over the weekend we went through the performance of the different sectors in the market. Financials remain the weakest link. We looked through several financial stocks today. We finally found one that is perfect for a bearish put spread. Watch the video for this TheoTrade idea.

Stock Sector Performance 2016

Stock Sector Performance 2016 For us to understand what is happening in the overall markets we need to look at stock sector performance in 2016. Let's take a look at what is underperforming and outperforming the major indexes. From there we can find opportunity in the week ahead.

AAPL stock price today

AAPL stock price today cracks key level AAPL stock price today hit an important level. We have been watching the $92 mark for a while as it came down to $92 on August 24 2015. It tested $92 again earlier this year. Now AAPL stock price is below $92 for the first time since June…

TLT Stock

TLT Stock Is the Bond bubble ready to burst? Tonight I'm putting all TheoTrade subscribers I notice that I'm starting to set up a long term short position in TLT stock. TLT, is the ETF that tracks the long term bonds the best. Make sure you watch this video to learn how I plan to…

GOOGL Options Trading Strategy

GOOGL Options Trading Strategy What GOOGL options trading strategy to use now? After earnings GOOGL slammed down 80 points. The rally leaves a lot to be desired. Here's the options trading strategy I'm looking to set up on GOOGL tomorrow.

Markets Search for Next Catalyst

Markets Search for Next Catalyst On the surface it looked like a quiet day for stocks. However, other markets like gold and oil were selling off. Is gold and oil trying to give us a heads up as to the stock markets next move? Let's look at all the key markets to see where they…

Nasdaq Warning of Pending Volatility

Nasdaq Warning of Pending Volatility Nasdaq is showing warning signs of pending volatility for the rest of the market. Here's what to expect in the week ahead.