Markets Search for Next Catalyst

Markets Search for Next Catalyst On the surface it looked like a quiet day for stocks. However, other markets like gold and oil were selling off. Is gold and oil trying to give us a heads up as to the stock markets next move? Let's look at all the key markets to see where they…

Nasdaq Warning of Pending Volatility

Nasdaq Warning of Pending Volatility Nasdaq is showing warning signs of pending volatility for the rest of the market. Here's what to expect in the week ahead.

Quantitative Easing Stock Market

Quantitative Easing Stock Market When the Fed was using quantitative easing to drive the stock market higher we saw much more violent moves to the upside then downside. This is not typical for a market. Tomorrow's unemployment numbers may give us a clue as to which direction the Fed will go.

Risk Reward in Stocks

Risk Reward in Stocks Investors tend to look at the correlation between risk and reward. The higher the risk the higher reward. Tonight let's step back and look at risk reward in stocks a little different. Where is the greater risk in the stock market to the upside or the downside? When you look at…

AAPL Options Trading Strategy

AAPL Options Trading Strategy Apple's earnings announcement has shell shocked investors as the stock tumbled down to a key support level. Today AAPL was one of the few stocks higher. Here is one AAPL options trading strategy I employ at key times like this. This options trading strategy minimizes risk while taking advantage of an…

Bonds and Stocks

Bonds and Stocks Bonds and stocks were moving today. Bonds to the downside while stock shot higher. Let's take a look at what the markets expect this upcoming week.

Is Stock Price Volatility on the Rise?

Is Stock Price Volatility on the Rise? According to the media stock price volatility was on the rise. Is that true? Well, the answer is yes and no. Let's separate fact vs. fiction in this weekends edition.

Is This the Start of the Stock Market Sell Off?

Is This the Start of the Stock Market Sell Off? Many people have been looking for the stock market to sell off after making an amazing run of 300 S&P points in the last 10 weeks. The next logical step would be a sell off and it would be healthy for the market to do that…

BAC Options

BAC Options Let's setup a trade in Bank of America (BAC). We will use BAC options. I will walk you through the financial stocks tonight and show you what I'm looking for when selecting a stock inside a sector I'm bearish on.

AAPL Earnings

AAPL Earnings AAPL earnings are out and they are as ugly as it gets. The first revenue and earnings miss in 13 years. The AAPL earnings are also bad news for the rest of the market as it leaves other investors wondering if the largest and most profitable company in the world is having a…