Santa Claus Rally

Santa Claus Rally Dead? Four days before Christmas and the S&P has gone no where this year. In fact the S&P is down 2.5% on the year. Everyone is still talking about the Santa Claus rally. I caution you there is still a lot of volatility in this market. With a short week volatility and…

Buy Volatility

Buy Volatility Volatility is a buy. You thought you'd never hear me say that one. The reality is the markets are moving and the volatility is shrugging. When is the last time you saw the S&P down 30 points and the VIX move 50 cents? The markets are telling us there is more room to…

The End of the Zero Interest Rate Policy

The End of the Zero Interest Rate Policy The Zero Interest Rate Policy is over. Do you have one drink or two? That all depends on your risk profile. The market is giving telling what it thinks will happen next. Let's listen in.

FOMC Meeting Looms on the Stock Market

FOMC Meeting Looms on the Stock Market It's FOMC Eve and the markets are jumpy as ever. Let's dig inside the market to the specific sectors that are moving. More importantly, which ones aren't moving. Everyone is expecting the first rate increase in 9 years. What should you expect when expecting?

Volatility Risk is Off the Charts

Volatility Risk is Off the Charts Are you ready for a 50 or 100 point move in the S&P up or down? Volatility is off the charts as markets moved very rapidly today ahead of the FOMC meeting. There's no telling where markets are going to end up this week. Look at your portfolio and…

Volatility Risk

Volatility Risk Volatility risk is on. An in depth look at volatility and what it means to the markets. Today saw the largest move in volatility in several months. Are the markets pricing in the FOMC announcement in advance? Is there more downside to come? Find out!

Volatility Futures Says Risk is Here

Volatility Futures Says Risk is Here Volatility futures scream higher which signifies risk in the market. Find out the key stocks that are holding the market higher. Will these key stocks hold into the rest of the year or will they breakdown?

Market Divergence

Market Divergence Let's take a look inside the markets at the indexes. The QQQ has been outperforming all the other indexes. When you drill down inside the QQQ you find only a handful of stocks are leading the charge. What happens when these stock break?  Find out!

Stocks to Watch Right Now

Stocks to Watch What stocks to watch? While the overall market is flat on the year. There are only handful of stocks that are up and up big on the year. Don Kaufman shows you how to identify the stocks to watch for the rest of the year. These are the stocks to watch so…

Oil Trading Alert - Crude Oil Falls Below $40

Oil Trading Oil Trading Alert - Crude Oil falls below $40. Don Kaufman analyzes the key oil sector. There are other oil trading products you can trade. XLE has a head and shoulders pattern. Will the S&P crack with oil trading lower or can the S&P climb higher in spite of oil? Oil traders may…