Trade Ideas Ahead of Brexit

TheoTraders look at the implied volatility ahead of a major news announcement. This week is the British referendum vote. This is like an earnings announcement for the entire market. Bonds have already made a huge move in anticipation of the vote. Even if vote is to stay we could see a lot of volatility from…

Was That All the Selling?

Volatility took off, bonds and gold were up. Then stocks rallied into the close. Tonight let's take a look at the key level the S&P held and rallied from. Was that all of the selling we should expect or only the beginning?

Volatility Increases After Fed Announcement

TheoTraders stay in tuned to the volatility after a major announcement. The Fed saw fit to do... nothing! They didn't even change their statement. How will market react going forward? Let's take a look at the markets tonight and find out what you can expect.

The Fed Dilemma will Dictate Markets Next Move

TheoTraders cautiously await the big news announcement by the FOMC on Wednesday. Will the Fed use words or actions to try and control the markets next move. Around the world negative interest rate policy (ZIRP) has flooded markets with liquidity. In the United States will the Fed put a positive spin on recent unemployment numbers…

Volatility is Exploding: Get ready for a major event

TheoTraders always know what their risk is! Today volatility exploded higher. Short term volatility matched longer term volatility. The market is buying volatility with both hands. TheoTraders get prepared for a major market event. Watch the video now to be prepared.

Selling Across the Board?

TheoTraders look for risk parameters on down days. In this weekend update let's look closer at the broad based sell off, bonds, and VVIX. What does this all mean for the week ahead?

Bonds going parabolic

Treasury bonds continue to march higher. Let's review what this means for the stock market.

Is The Risk Greater Than the Market is Showing?

TheoTraders look beyond the noise of the market into what can be called second level thinking. If the markets are priced to efficiently and volatility drop to zero is this the safest time or the most riskiest time to buy? The casual thinker may say the safest. A TheoTrader would say the riskiest. A TheoTrader…

Is This a "Time Recession"?

TheoTraders understand that it doesn't matter what we think the market should do we must trade the market that's in front of us. For the last year and half many investors have been looking for a healthy correction. A healthy correction resets the market and allows new money to come in. However, markets have been…

AMZN Bearish Trade Setup Alert

Another bearish trade setup alert for TheoTraders. TheoTraders look for a 1 and 1 risk/reward ratios where you have an edge. In tonight's video we will look at one such trade set up. TheoTraders should take a moment to review this trade to determine if this is an actionable trade for you. TheoTrade members got…