Risk is Here, What are you going to do?

Yesterday's blistering rally has been met with unforgiving sell-side activity and leads us in the abyss of a trading sessions.  Don will display why this may continue and more importantly how to position yourself.  Levels, stocks, sectors, volatility and more, TheoTrade will cover it all in this evenings video!

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  • Renn

    August 14, 2019

    Hi Don,

    Curious what your thoughts are on this decline... This is one of the most orderly 3%+ moves down in one day I think I've ever seen. It didn't scream panic in anyway today. The DOW, SPX, and NDX all kind of fell in unison without the panic feel - kind of reminded me of those grind up days we sometimes see.

    So.... is this the beginning or a massive bear trap?